Devikins: A New NFT RPG with Breeding Mechanics Coming VERY Soon

By TokEnthusiast | TokEnthusiast | 22 Jul 2021

If you look at the title and wonder, "Hey! Doesn't this sound familiar?". Why yes it does, actually.



Speculation and jokes aside, it seems that while there are many NFT Games planned to be releasing in the cryptoverse, the development team at MoonLabs Studios is planning to potentially release its take on a NFT Game. Now you might be wondering why I decided to give this one a spotlight out of all other planned Blockchain games out there. Well, here's the thing, unlike the other start-up games with no backing, this one has a rather credible backer. If you aren't a stranger to the TRON (TRX) ecosystem, you might have heard of Klever.


What's Klever?

To the uninformed and based on my own experience with it, I've initially known Klever as a VERY convenient mobile TRON wallet. It allowed me to easily chose to who I would give my frozen TRON votes to, and then I learned that if I chose Klever itself, it would give me its own proprietary token, KLV, as a staking reward. I thought nothing of it and since I didn't really use my TRX for anything else, I decided to give my votes to Klever as a form of "Thank you" for being a rather convenient wallet when compared to a rather sour experience with my former crypto wallet. To cut the long story short, curiosity got the best of me and I then found out that despite being a token of TRX, the price difference between KLV and TRX are not so different. The x10 difference in Total Market Cap aside, KLV is showing a rather promising path ahead of it, and it's involvement and potential success in Devikins may spearhead its sudden rise past TRX's shadow.

Klever also has its own governance token, KFI, and recently released its exchange, Klever Exchange. It's now slowly gaining a much larger presence in the cryptoverse as it eventually plans to move away from TRON and develop its own Blockchain within this year based on its roadmap. There are other notable achievements for Klever, but I'll leave that to your own curiosity and research. I mean, this is a Devikins article, not a Klever article, so I'll be moving on with the main topic.


What's Devikins?

Now we proceed with Devikins. Well not much is really known about the game other than how it describes itself as "Devikins is a turn-based RPG mixed with character breeding, all of it fueled by crypto tokens, used in lieu of non-valued game currency". The site also provided some key concepts for the upcoming game such as:

  • JRPG combat system with twists
  • Tamagotchi mini game to unleash the full potential of your characters.
  • Each character is a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT)
  • Breeding system allows you to create stronger characters
  • Character marketplace to buy and sell NFT
  • Devicoin (DVK) is a real crypto currency, which can be traded and withdrawn in the real world
  • Player first mentality

It also provided some sweet concept art like this:


And also giving us rather vague but interesting details regarding Devikin characteristics:


The website explains these as:

  • Genes: a devikin’s visuals are composed of several genetic factors. The shape of their eyes, mouth and nose, ears, hair style, horns, and skin tone. Due to variation is unlikely that a devikin will look exactly like any other
  • Ancestry: All devikins descend from one of five ancestries existing in Devikins lore. Its ancestry is easily identifiable by skin tone.
  • Personality: devikins have their own aspirations, dreams, and mood determined by their personality. This slightly changes their progression in game and interaction with game mechanics.
  • Affinity: Attribute affinity is a vital piece for competitive player, as it shapes the devikin attribute progression. Moreover, it is fixed at the NFT mint time, which means that higher affinities will have great appeal in the marketplace.

Now this seems to be starting in a very promising direction, and with the backing of Klever, it may have given me a lot more confidence with how this project may turn out. The NFT marketplace of this game is scheduled to release at the third quarter of this year, and the initial phase of the game itself at the fourth quarter of this year. So I'm now going to bring up another matter regarding this. It's supposed in-game currency and token, Devicoin (DVK) which will be used to purchase the NFTs as well as interact with the game.



The details for the KLV burn for DVK are as follows:

  • Users will have to actively burn their KLV through a smart contract on Klever Labs page using a web3 browser;
  • Minimum amount to mine DVK is 1.000 KLV;
  • Maximum amount to mine DVK is 200.000 KLV;
  • Event will be held between July 23rd (Friday - 24h)
  • Mine will be closed as soon as we reach 20M KLV burned.
  • 400M DVK to be distributed among the pool (20 DVK to 1 KLV at max pool);
  • Fixed ratio 20:1;
  • Successful miners will be considered early adopters;
  • They will be eligible for early adopter benefits depicted in the WP.
  • Devikin Statue (Not announced yet) giveaway (Giveaway date TBD)
  • Devicoin distribution to happen on July 29th (Wednesday);
  • Klever Exchange list Devicoin on July 29th (Wednesday);
  • Exchange Addresses are not eligible for the mining;
  • NFT Characters (DVK as mean to acquire Devikins).
  • Play to Earn model (Play the game to mine new DVK).

If you are a bit skeptical, don't worry as there will be a DVK Airdrop (more than likely at a significantly lower rate than with the burn) for KLV and KFI Stakers at around August. Only stakers of at least 1000 KLV (priced at around $0.04 per KLV as of the writing of this article) or at least 1 KFI. Staking can only be done through the Klever Wallet App. 

The advent of Devikins' early adopters will be soon and with an initial entry price of $40 to $50, it's a rather cheap entry to the game when compared to the optimal entry fee of other Play to Earn NFT games nowadays.

Or you can also start later and buy DVK at the Klever Exchange (with how this may become, the price may rise a lot by then)

If you're lucky enough to read this article early and learn about Devikins, then congrats! You may have just been introduced to the new and upcoming NFT game craze at its very first phase!


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