How to make money in crypto without risky investments

How to make money in crypto without risky investments

By Kris | Tokenswim | 9 Nov 2019

There are many ways to earn money in crypto online, even without the need of any risky investment or programming skills. Participating in bounties, airdrops and playing blockchain-based games have already proven to be a great way to get out of poverty, no matter where in the world you live and who you are. The biggest winners in the space are builders, and now it is easy for you to take a part of the success. Here are some of the ways you can make some extra bucks from crypto if you are not looking to build something yourself:


Earn crypto from freelance work

Working for tokens is starting to become a popular way for earning in cryptocurrency, without the need of any investment. Bounties are often held by companies that are issuing tokens primarily to investors, but also to freelance workers that contribute to the project. Users can complete different tasks and get paid based on the effort.

Tokenswim is fetching bounty campaigns that are hosted on all major bounty platforms, including Bounty0x (BNTY), BountyHunters (HNTR) & Bountyhub (BHT).

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Earn crypto from low-effort tasks

Airdrops are similar to bounties, but requires much less work. These comes in the form of Telegram bots, registration on platforms, holding and voting with tokens. There are many ways a company can spread awareness about their product, with giving away free digital assets. Compared to bounties, payments are very reduced. However, it’s free crypto.

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Earn crypto by playing games

In games that are utilizing blockchain technology, all in-game items are tokenized assets that can be freely traded on the open market. By playing games, you are spending your time to earn certain in-game valuables that have traction for other players. The biggest problem within in-game assets is the fact that most games are owned by a company that protects it’s items to be traded freely on the open market.

The game Footbattle is a good example on how you can make money just by playing. Fully trained players that have logged a lot of matches have much more advantage in matches than newly minted players. The better players you have, the more matches you will win. The more in-game coins you have, the more scarce players you can get - which will get more scarce for each new player that is joining the game.

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Own fractions of decentralized applications

In this way, you would need abit of money to get started with. However, with any amount, you can become a fractional owner of a decentralized application and receive passive income. There are also bounties available where dividend tokens are being offered to participants. Next generation applications are shared among the users. The shares are tokenized and can be used to stake in the application, giving the user dividends based on the amount of tokens staked and earnings of the application.

The largest hype within dapps at the moment are casinos. By using blockchain technology, users can now make sure that the calculations behind each bet are provably fair, since it is depending on the number of the previous block that was mined on the blockchain. Users are also mining tokens from playing. By staking these back in the application, you will have fractional ownership and receive passive income when the dapp is in profit. The amount of tokens that can be mined from each bet are decreasing over time.

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Want to learn more about the token economy?

Tokenswim is a nichè dapp-store specifically targeting the financial aspects within the token economy, where the user can browse through multiple ways to earn tokens on any blockchain protocol. The site also offers blockchain-based reviews, meaning that anyone can verify if the review is real, since users have to sign with their own wallet to post. If someone comes with an extraordinary positive claim about an application, anyone can see if the user even has interacted with it. For bounties and airdrops, this can be used as a due-diligence tool to see if projects are paying their early supporters.


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