How SwapSpace helped me become an Uplander (very quickly and conveniently)

By SirGerardThe1st | Tokenomics | 21 Jul 2021

Scientists say that there are four forces that regulate the functioning of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force. I think that we must urgently add a fifth, which is the market force. When someone creates a utility tool, it seems that a field of forces forms around it that attracts those who are going to use it like a magnet.

This seems to be the case for SwapSpace, a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that I was not aware of until Publish0x launched this competition. When I started researching this platform, the famous question appeared: how did I not think of it? It is truly wonderful how much time and money this device can save.

Then it occurred to me to show in this contest the operation of SwapSpace through my own case. Nothing better than that when you have such a simple tool.

Let the markets do the talking.

It turns out that for some time I have been participating in a blockchain game called UPLAND, surely well known to all of you. I am not a fan of games but I am quite entertained with UPLAND because it reminds me of when I was a child and followed my dad and my grandfather in his real estate businesses, as I told in a previous contest about UPLAND, right here on Publish0x.

According to the recommendations of my friend Marina Quiroga who is the administrator of the UPLAND group in Spanish on Telegram, I decided to buy UPX, UPLAND's native currency to start with a more aggressive strategy than the one I currently have, grow my portfolio, and get some SPARK, a coin that looks very promising for the UPLAND metaverse.

So I started the UPX purchase process at UPLAND. I wanted to buy $ 10 (10,000 UPX) with crypto. I wanted to use up some BCH that I get from my friends over But UPLAND does not accept BCH. So I decided on DASH, which I have been accumulating for a long time because I think it is one of the currencies that we are going to use for daily purchases pretty soon. But in order not to alter my DASH balance, I decided then to try SwapSpace and swap the necessary DASH for my operation in UPLAND.






All I had to do then is get 0.06886 DASH.




So I went to SwapSpace and found that I needed 0.025 BCH to get roughly the DASH I needed.




Normally I would have swapped on Uniswap, ChangeNow, or Changelly, which are the platforms I usually use.

But the most striking thing about my first attempt at SwapSpace was the banner that said: “view offers”. What offers? was I wondering…

So I clicked on "view offers" and this came up.




A list of 16 alternatives for my swap!

Note that if I had swapped on ChangeNOW, I would have received less DASH, and if I wanted to do it on Changelly, I would have had to deposit almost three times as much BCH as I was willing to invest.

In the absence of SwapSpace, I would have had no choice but to have accepted either of the two flaws.

So I clicked on EXCHANGE of FixedFloat.




I put my DASH wallet address and clicked NEXT. I didn't put anything in the BCH refund address box, because it says "optional", and I have as a basic principle in the crypto sphere that the less smart contracts know about me, the better. If it says "optional", go ahead kid and don't worry.

Then the deposit screen appeared.




Through this screen I sent 0.025 BCH to the address indicated above, using a QR code. And I started to wait. According to the label on the right, the transaction can take up to an hour. Just in case I copied the exchange ID.

Only 12 minutes passed and the swap was completed.




Here below I show my DASH mobile wallet with the details of the transactions, received 0.07181856 DASH, and sent to UPLAND 0.06704. Note that both the amount received and the amount sent are different from those originally shown, and this is what those of us who navigate the crypto-sphere every day are very used to.




UPLAND received my DASH and I underwent my induction ceremony as an OFFICIAL UPLANDER. What a thrill!





Well, this recategorization stimulates me and forces me to improve my attitude towards the game. It is the same as when you get recategorization in international chess.

The SwapSpace experience has been unbeatable for me. Anyway, I would have upgraded my situation in UPLAND with ChangeNow, but not in the best conditions and probably not in such a short time either. I did not know that SwapSpace or FixedFloat existed. This is my first time using both platforms. So this contest also served as a good marketing tool for both companies.

SwapSpace cautions that certain exchanges may ask for KYC authentication, but luckily, I didn't have to go through that disgusting hurdle.

At the beginning of this post, I was talking about the strength of the markets. SwapSpace presents you with a stand of fresh, juicy, and premium quality vegetables and fruits, and helps you choose the most convenient one. If you wanted to do this analysis on your own, in addition to wasting a lot of time, you would probably lose a very attractive possibility of doing a good deal, precisely because market conditions vary permanently, and you had them all within reach of a click a minute ago.

SwapSpace is the Harvest.Finance of exchanges, in the sense that it is always showing you which is the most attractive tactic. If the force of the markets is one of the fundamental forces of nature, why miss out on trying this tool?

Let the markets do the talking!


Disclaimer. None of the things written in this post is a financial advisory and are not intended to replace personal research.

Thank you for reading!


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