Full List of Basic Attention Token ($BAT) Use Cases

Full List of Basic Attention Token ($BAT) Use Cases

By M0davar | Token World | 23 Jun 2020

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects in recent years. It’s the native crypto token for Brave Rewards - the advertising program of Brave Browser. Brave Browser itself is popular among crypto enthusiasts because it’s a Chromium-based web browser but without all the annoying trackers that are commonly seen on Google Chrome. 

Token Details:

Type: ERC-20
Underlying Blockchain: Ethereum 
Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 BAT
Smart Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x0d8775f648430679a709e98d2b0cb6250d2887ef 
Distribution: ICO
Total $ Raised: $15M

Use Cases Quick List:

1. Incentives For Publishers
2. Incentives For Browser Users
3. Fuel for Brave Ads
4. Social Media Tipping (Twitter & Reddit)
5. MakerDAO Collateral

1. Incentives For Publishers6510d1b44bfdbea9acd8cb480e78e447b658a511a0fd97a5c13a71163f227288.png

Different from the traditional ad marketplace where it still utilized a centralized server to receive/send fiat currencies, Brave Rewards utilizes Ethereum blockchain to incentivize the publishers. 

All publishers who have signed up with the Brave Rewards program will be paid in the form of BAT tokens even though the number of BAT they receive will be automatically converted from its USD valuation at the time.

2. Incentives For Browser Users


This is perhaps the biggest difference between traditional web browsers and Brave browser. Unlike traditional web browsers where the users are not rewarded at all, Brave browser allows the users to get incentivized when they choose to view ads. 

The ads on Brave browser are not intrusive as they are part of your operating system’s push notification. On top of that, the users are allowed to choose whether they want to see ads (where they will be incentivized) or not.

For example, the Windows version of Brave ads put the ads on the bottom-right of desktop notification. And every time Brave shows an ad to the user’s screen, the user will be paid by BAT tokens. The user then will be able to withdraw his BAT earnings to his Uphold account and transfer them out to other crypto wallet applications independently.

3. Fuel For Brave Ads


Even though the publishers and the users in Brave Rewards receive BAT tokens, the advertisers in the Brave Rewards program still need to pay in the valuation of fiat. Brave core team members realize that it’s important for advertisers to have the ability to pay in fiat (or fiat valuation of BAT), because they know that advertisers don’t want to gamble with crypto token prices. 

In this case, BAT serves as the instant decentralized bridge between the advertisers (who pay in fiat valuation) and the publishers/users (who receive the BAT tokens as their rewards)

4. Social Media Tipping


One of the advanced features of BAT is the social media tipping for Twitter and Reddit. Many content creators and posters on Reddit, Twitter, and independent websites are not getting paid by other browsers. But thanks to this "Tip" feature, you are allowed to tip your favorite content creators directly on websites like Reddit and Twitter.

This feature is warmly welcomed by many posters and content creators because they can still make money from Brave Rewards despite the fact that they don't get any financial incentives from the social media websites themselves.

5. MakerDAO Collateral


Maker is the most popular DeFi platform and its popularity keeps growing over time. It's the platform where you can use crypto collaterals to get an algorithmic based stablecoin called DAI. Maker created a multi-collateral DAI where the stablecoin is being supported by different crypto tokens in the form of collaterals for the borrowers. BAT has been selected as one of the few crypto tokens that are accepted in this mechanism. You can read the announcement here.


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