Upland Unbiased Review: 3 Days Later - Answered Questions & Mixed Feelings

By TogaTechCrypto | FunEarnings | 21 Feb 2021

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I posted my first impressions review 3 days ago when I signed up. At the beginning of playing, I had many unanswered questions and did not realize that there were so many cool features, but I quickly found out and am writing them in this article so that others know about these features and can take advantage of them sooner. After playing this game for a few days, I have some mixed feelings. Read on to learn more.


If you haven't read the first impressions review (linked above), which I highly encourage you read, here's a TL;DR for you: Upland is a blockchain-based tokenized property trading game. When signing up (for example, with my referral link posted at the top of this article), you will receive enough starter coins in UPX to buy a property. This property generates a base passive income, and when people visit your property (more on this later), you can earn extra income. Additionally, you can sell your property for a higher price and make a profit. The properties are all stored on the EOS blockchain in a permanent record, so your properties are presumably yours forever... or not (more on this later).

Property Permanence

When buying a property, you may think that it is permanently stored on the blockchain. However, you need to renew your "Upland visa" at least once every 7 days from your profile page. What happens if you don't renew? According to Upland, they will give you a one-day grace period, and if you still do not renew your Upland visa, they will recycle all your properties and assets (UPX) back into the game. This is good for token economics and redistributing properties from inactive users to the community.

However, what if you want to have your properties truly generate passive income without getting removed? Well, the visa only applies to "Visitors" or users with under 10000 UPX. To become an Uplander, you need to have 10000 in total UPX, property, and visitor earnings. I'm already 75% of the way there in the first 3 days without investing any money, so I will be an Uplander soon. I could also just pay a few bucks to secure my earnings permanently (by using my referral link, you can get a discount). However, I don't recommend buying if you don't want to invest any money, but having said that, your money is turned into UPX token so you still have your money in a digital asset, and you can make some profit by investing in properties.

I have mixed feelings. Properties should be permanent on the blockchain, but this method allows for recycling of properties for inactive users who stop playing after a few days. Anyone can easily become an Uplander in a week or two (reminder, visa needs renewal only once per week), so this isn't too big an ask and helps promote the value of the token and properties. I rate this an overall plus, since it's really not that much effort to click the button to renew the visa. In fact, I just click the renew button every time I visit the platform out of habit to make sure I don't have any problems with losing properties.


Visitors are another way of making some passive income. I wasn't really aware of how it worked or why people would visit your property when I first signed up. However, I quickly found myself visiting other people's properties, and here's how it works: your explorer randomly moves around the map, but if you want to move your explorer to a specific place, you can send it to any property by visiting the property. You have a limited number of these sends, however, they do randomly appear on the map. I saw a free 2 sends on the map earlier today and quickly collected them. Additionally, when you send your explorer, you pay the property owner a small fee (25-50 UPX). You can set a fee for your property to earn some more passive income when people visit your property. Why would people want to move around the map? To find treasures more easily! More on that in the next section.

Visitors are a great feature that I haven't seen on other blockchain-based property games, and this is definitely a plus and a win-win. Your explorer can easily move around the map to find treasures, and property owners can earn some extra passive income.


The treasures are a way to earn some UPX and are an aspect that makes Upland less of a gamified tokenized property investment platform and more of an actual game. Treasures randomly spawn often during the day, but you can also spawn one free treasure a day or unlimited treasures for 100 UPX each. Then, to find the treasure, click on a property that is in range of your explorer and click the treasure button. In the corner or side of the screen, you will see an arrow pointing to a treasure. There is a limited time between each treasure, so be sure to move fast!

So far, I have been able to find one treasure, which was a moving pinata. I had around 15 seconds to click the pinata as many times as possible, which was difficult since it was moving around quickly, but each click gave me some UPX so it was definitely a fun experience.

Bonuses and Collections

Although earning may be slow at first, there is a way to drastically speed up your UPX earnings: bonuses and collections! By visiting the platform daily, I earn a streak bonus of at least 100 UPX (if not more), which adds up fast. My property only cost a few thousand UPX which I got for free for signing up, so I will have it fully paid off in just a few weeks form the bonuses, giving me some more UPX to invest in another property to make even more passive income!

Additionally, by having properties, you can add these properties to collections. Some collections only require one property. For example, the newbie collection only requires one property and gives a boost of 1.1x earnings. Additionally, by completing a collection, you can earn anywhere from a few hundred UPX (around 500 UPX) to thousands of UPX! In fact, one of the collections gives an award of 100000 UPX and a 3x boost!


I do not think that there is any withdrawal feature to withdraw or exchange my UPX at the moment, which makes me a bit skeptical about this project, but I believe that the withdrawals will be coming in the near future, so be sure to rack up UPX so that you can withdraw or reinvest when the time comes! I have faith that this project will deliver, and seeing how much effort went into creating this project, I can be sure that this is not a scam and that they are eventually going to have a withdrawal feature. I have created some cryptocurrency platforms in the past, and I know that the withdrawals part is the most difficult (security needs to be tight for automatic withdrawals, and manual withdrawals requires a team who can perform the payments manually), but they will eventually implement it, I am sure. Plus, I'm not currently investing any money, so the worst-case scenario is that I spent some time having fun playing a game, but the best-case scenario is that I got some free money from having fun playing a game. There's nothing to lose!


On the roadmap, the team is planning on adding even more treasures, properties, and cities, which will be exciting to add more gamification and investment opportunities! I'm especially looking forward to the treasures and am excited to see what other treasure mechanisms will be added.

Final Thoughts

I think that overall, Upland is really unique and has that extra game experience (with treasures) that other blockchain-based tokenized property "games" simply do not have. This makes Upland a true game and not just a cloaked investment platform. Additionally, the concept of the treasures help increase visitors and extra passive income, which allows for higher earnings! Plus, the streaks and collections help pay back the properties faster. I'm looking forward to future treasure updates and passive earning strategies!

Thanks so much for reading! Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on this program, how much you have earned, and your strategies!

My referral link: https://r.upland.me/8w3z (you can get a bonus for using this link!)


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