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By TogaTechCrypto | FunEarnings | 4 May 2021

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Did you know that you can earn $1/day in cryptocurrency from playing arcade games? Did you know that you can play games only on one day and continue to earn throughout the week? This is my review of one of my favorite crypto games platforms. To sign up, please use my links at the top and bottom of this article.

Bitcoin Mining Simulator


RollerCoin is a mining simulator, but instead of using CPU power, you can claim cryptocurrency through playing arcade games. Every 10 minutes, their block reward (30000 BTC Satoshis, 20 DOGE, and 0.005 ETH) is distributed among players based on their mining power. You can increase your mining power by playing more games and using mining rewards to upgrade your rigs.



Players can choose from a wide variety of arcade games that have a cryptocurrency theme. For example, 2048 coins is a play on the classic 2048 game but with cryptocurrency tokens instead of numbers. The team is always developing more fun games. As you play games, difficulty increases, but so does the mining power. Even if you don't win a game, you can still claim mining power depending on how much time you spend in the game. Once you hit the max power per difficulty level, you will receive a win along with your mining power, and your difficulty increases. Although the game becomes slightly harder, the earnings are higher.

Games take a few seconds to recharge, so while one game is recharging, you can move to a different game and play a round there before returning. Each game round is around a minute long, so you can play these games any time and earn mining power fast.

Upgrade Computer

Passive Earnings

The mining power remains for one day by default, meaning that it remains for one day's worth of 10 minute block periods. That means that even if you stop playing for the day, your earnings continue. However, after you win a certain number of games, the computer upgrades for free, and your power lasts longer. That means that even if you stop playing for several days, your earnings continue. However, to keep the upgraded computer for future mining power longevity, you will need to win at least one game per day, which takes only around 1 minute. This feature allows you to have passive income on your game earnings even when you are not playing.


Native RLT Token

This token can be used to buy rigs and racks which give you more mining power, even when you are not playing any games. You can get the RLT from mining rewards, trading other crypto mining rewards (in the wallet menu), or depositing other cryptocurrencies and trading them for RLT. My number one rule is that you should never invest what you cannot afford to lose. However, Rollercoin has been around for a long time and has a reputation of being trustworthy and paying users fairly. Plus, they make most of their revenue through advertisements and do not need RLT purchases to survive (they only have it as an option for players to increase earnings).

In the future, Rollercoin will be adding an in-game marketplace for players to trade items acquired in-game. They will also be creating mining pools for RLT to allow users to pool their mining power for higher rewards. Plus, you will be able to craft and mix items or receive random loot boxes for holding RLT. The Rollertoken will soon be available as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain (or another similar compatible chain).

Split Power

Splitting Power

By default, all of your power is used towards mining the 30000 Satoshi BTC blocks, but you can split your power to earn ETH, DOGE, and RLT (their native token that can be used to buy rigs to increase earnings). All you need to do is click the arrow next to "My power" on the main page and select the "Split Power" button, then adjust the percentage values of each currency to ensure that they add up to 100%.

Mining Rigs

Upgrading Rig

You can earn additional passive income by reinvesting your mining rewards or depositing cryptocurrency to buy rigs. Remember, do not invest what you cannot afford to lose. The game is completely free, and you can still earn $1/day without depositing any money, but if you want to earn more passive income, I highly recommend buying a rig.

Buying Rigs

There are many options to choose from when buying a rig, with different power amounts and RLT costs. To buy a rig, you will need to pay in RLT. You can use the RLT directly from block rewards, exchange other cryptocurrencies earned to RLT in the wallet menu, or purchase RLT from the wallet page by depositing other cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DOGE). Then, you can buy a rig, which gives you a mining power boost and passive earnings for block rewards.


When you buy a rig, you will also need to buy racks to store the rigs. These racks are very cheap and cost a fraction of RLT.


Rollercoin is a feature-packed platform of entertaining arcade games with passive income strategies to earn even when not playing. I highly recommend that you give this platform a try, start earning mining power, and receive the block rewards.

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