AIRDROP ALERT - Play Games and Claim Daily to Receive Higher Share

By TogaTechCrypto | FunEarnings | 31 Mar 2021

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Recently, I found a hidden gem in the cryptocurrency space, and as I reviewed in this article, this site allows you to earn $30/week playing games! In addition to the $30 in ZCash that you can earn from the games, you can earn their native FlareCoin every time you collect a coin in the game, and you can claim DOGE, ZCash, and FlareCoin daily.

One of their newest features is the airdrop page. By holding more of their native FlareCoin, you can receive more of their airdrops. Although FlareCoin cannot be bought yet, you can receive more FlareCoin by signing up, claiming daily, playing the games, and staking (coming soon).


There are multiple airdrops coming up soon, so be sure to play lots of games and claim daily! Please sign up using the link at the top or bottom of this article to get started.


As you can see, multiple large airdrops worth hundreds of dollars each are dropping in the next few weeks.

After just a few hours of playing the games, I have earned a few thousand FlareCoin, which not only allows me to earn up to $30/week in leaderboard prizes, but also gives me a higher percentage of these airdrops. I have already received funds from their earlier airdrops and look forward to receiving more from these upcoming airdrops. This site is legit, and I have been paid multiple times before. They have no minimums or fees, so you can be 100% sure that it is not a scam.

Make sure to join today and start playing the games and earning FlareCoins as soon as possible to get a larger share of the airdrops!

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