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By TogaTechCrypto | FunEarnings | 6 Apr 2021

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In my favorite cryptocurrency site, they now have a staking feature with up to 10% APY! 


For free users, you can earn 5% APY, which is still really good. If you upgrade for just $2/month, you can access up to 10% APY plus bonuses across the entire site (including doubled rewards from the faucets, games, airdrops, and more). Upgrading is completely optional, and I only use the free tier.

As described in the above diagram, depending how long you lock/freeze your tokens, you will earn more staking rewards. The minimum staking is 1000 of their native token, which can be easily earned in under an hour from playing their games, claiming the faucet, and participating in the airdrops.


The three ways to earn are claiming the faucet daily, which also rewards you with ZCash and DOGE, playing the games (which pay $30/week in ZCash on top of Flare Token rewards), and airdrops (you can get airdrops in Flare Tokens, ZCash, and DOGE).

A feature to buy and sell coins will be coming in a few weeks. The site is making moves to make Flare Tokens more scarce, so I highly recommend collecting as much Flare Tokens as possible so that you have a substantial amount and can watch the tokens grow in value.

For more information on the games and how to maximize your earnings, please see my in-depth article: CRYPTO GAMES REVIEW $30/WEEK FREE - Not Another Property Trading Game, Earn DOGE ZCASH DAI and more!

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