Bitcoin and Gold

Will Bitcoin Surpass Gold At Market Value?

By StarkMatan | Toddler Hodler | 11 Apr 2021

Analytical company ARK Invest spoke on the prospects of bitcoin. Experts believe that in the foreseeable future, this digital asset will rise in price at least 10 times and exceed the capitalization of gold.
In an interview, Katie Wood, CEO of one of the most influential investment companies on Wall Street, said that bitcoin is still undervalued. According to her, the current capitalization of a trillion dollars is 10 times less than what it can actually cost. One of the signs of favorable conditions for growth is the interest of large investors, including Tesla and Square, which already have a large cryptocurrency portfolio.

Gold and Bitcoin price chart

Bitcoin vs Gold price rise in 2020-2021

In 2020 alone, bitcoin grew by 500%, and in the first months of 2021 it doubled in price. Katie Wood is convinced that cryptocurrency can become an alternative to gold, surpassing the market value of the precious metal by 10 trillion dollars. Interestingly, the volatility, characterized by constant fluctuations in the stock market, the expert considers an indicator of stability, reliability and independence of bitcoin.

You can watch entire interview below:

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