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A Token That Can Not Die, Let's Look at the Fundamentals of Why

By WiseFishCM | Todayincrypto | 27 Jan 2021

A Token That Can Not Die, Let's Look at the Fundamentals of Why

WISE token has accomplished to create an unbreakable price-floor, let's look at how it is possible


WISE token had a real decentralized launch, 96.2% of all ETH that was used in the reservation period was sent to Uniswaps liquidity pool to create the biggest ownerless Alt-coin liquidity at launch.


It took 3 days for WISE to get that number one spot on Uniswap Top Pairs, but after a cooldown, it has been comfortably sitting between the 4–5th place just above Etherum.

Ownerless liquidity and Unbreakable Price-Floor?

After the reservation period, the smart-contract was initiated and the WISE tokens, together with the 57,900 ETH from the reservation were sent to Uniswap. 
The LP tokens that are given from Uniswap as proof of ownership of that Liquidity was then sent to a burn address.

The transaction can be found here:

This created the biggest Ownerless liquidity pool on Uniswap in one instant.
Now, as the liquidity provider would have gotten the trading fees as a reward for providing that liquidity, and there is no owner of WISE’s liquidity.
That pool is now constantly growing with every trade that is made on Uniswap, filling up the amount of ETH that Wise is BACKED BY.

So even if EVERY Wise token would be sold in 1 second, there would still be ETH left on Uniswap for the last person who sold his WISE.


Now, over 50% of WISE’s max supply is locked in staking(in blue), with an average of 790.2 days locking period. 
So the chance of anything like that happening non-existent.

Wise Foundation website:

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Yours truly, WiseFish CM | Wise Telegram Support Team

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