How ReefDeFi Will Change The DeFi Space?

By Immanuel Somto | TOCHI blog | 25 Jan 2021




ReefDeFi is here to revolutionize the way that things are done by offering key elements in the system. 

The coming of ReefDeFi will solve three massive issues that have plagued the DeFi space for a while. 


1. Liquidity Problem

It's not news that liquidity problem is a big issue in the decentralized financing world. This issue is not limited to only a few aspects, as it is widespread. Both Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges are dealing with a number of issues. 


The Centralized Exchanges' Issues

• One issue that is common to the CEX is how easy it is to hack, compared to their decentralized counterparts. We have heard cases of users losing their cryptos because of a hack. 

• Another issue that can be seen in centralized exchanges is how they contain isolated silos of liquidity for different coins. 

• If you have used a centralized exchange, there is a great chance that it lists only a few coins. They tend to put a stringent list of requirements that coins had to follow before they can be listed. 


Decentralized Exchanges' Issues

• They are not the easiest to use, and most times do not scream of user-friendliness. It may be a tough nut to crack for novices in the game. 

• There's the issue of unstable liquidity, which is yet to be catered. 

• The trades can be slow, and transaction time is a nightmare, sometimes, for users.

• Users, sometimes, notice how congested the entire system is. 


Some Issues in the DeFi Space That ReefDeFi Solves


1. Yield Farming's Technicalities

• Before one can gain entrance into this aspect, there is an extreme technical barrier of entry that one has to scale. This may not be an easy feat.

• Since it is complex, users have to spend a long time, trying to grasp what the technicalities of the projects are. 

• It's not an easy feat to be remain diversified, and have your funds stored well at the same time. One may have to do one and forgo the other. 

• Ethereum's gas fees are out of this world, and this takes a large part of one's profits. 


2. Fragmentation Problem

• Usually, before one can access yield opportunities, he or she has to make do with numerous fragmented projects.

• Usually, users have to deal with numerous projects if they want to enjoy variety of decentralized finance activities such as farming, borrowing and lending. 

• What the aforementioned leads to is users being forced to know how to use numerous platforms and how they work. Seeing one or two DeFi projects with every DeFi activity that one may need is rare. 


How Reef Solves This Issue?

Reef uses three important aspects, which are:

• Global Liquidity Aggregator 

• Smart Yield Farming Aggregator.


1. Global Liquidity Aggregator 

Reef is dedicated to offering DeFi users a gateway that allows them easily have access to the different tokens. These tokens are gotten from the DeFi space at large. Users can easily invest without knowing the order book, as Reef DeFi takes care of that aspect for them. This platform has taken it up a notch by offering access to liquidity from both centralized and decentralized exchanges, even when their order book is hidden. 


2. Smart Yield Farming Aggregator

Users want something that can offer them access to the highest yield pools, and this is what Reef does with its Smart Yield Aggregator. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language powered Analytics Engine, which always scans the decentralized financing world regularly and offer realtime information. 

It is designed to be non custodial in nature, and adds the REEF token and pool. Users can be able to enjoy the perks of compound gains and yield farms.  


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