Earn cash back in Bitcoin for your online shopping! Why not!?
Earn cash back in Bitcoin for your online shopping! Why not!?

By Treeπ | To The Moon | 23 Feb 2020

Crypto Cashback!

Have you ever wondered if there is a way for you to earn Bitcoin as cashback? Maybe not. But, it IS possible!

I recently stumbled across a browser plugin called LolliLolli is one of a few plugins that allows you to earn cashback from online purchases in the form of Bitcoin OR cash deposited to your bank account. This is an excellent way for new users and non-techies to earn some Bitcoin without having to bother with exchanges, KYC laws, and all the other hoops that exist between them and Bitcoin.

We started Lolli with the goal of making it easy to earn, own, and share bitcoin with as many people as possible. We strongly believe in bitcoin’s power as a global alternative currency and universal store of value and want to share it with the world.

What makes Lolli stand out from it’s competitors is the major retailers featured in their cashback program. I was surprised to see massive names on the list like Walmart, Hotels.com, Groupon, Priceline, Barnes & Noble, and a whole laundry list of others. Below I’ve included a screen shot of some of their more than 500+ retailers and brands that they are partnered with. Everybody shops at Walmart. So why not get cashback, or should I say BTCback, and be making a nice investment in a great technology while you do it? There isn’t a reason why not. So do it!

Lolli Partners Lolli offers cashback from over 500 online retailers like Walmart , Priceline, and many others!

As I stated before, Lolli makes it easy for regular people and non-techies to get involved with Bitcoin without all the extra knowledge or hassle needed to acquire it in other ways. I took a look at their mission statement, and no surprise, this is exactly what they say.

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We believe that bitcoin is the future, however, bitcoin in its current state is not easily accessible. Our mission is to change this with Lolli, making it easy for everyone to earn, save, and share bitcoin.

We see online shopping as an incredible opportunity to both educate and reward people with the power of bitcoin.

We want to live in a world where every payment is as fast, inexpensive, and universal as sending a text message. We are on a mission to spread bitcoin to billions of people all around the world with the click of a button.

I believe that we will continue to see more services similar to Lolli as time goes on. It serves as an excellent adoption vehicle for newcomers and as a nice way to stash away some extra coins for current users and investors of Bitcoin. The more products and services built around cryptocurrencies, the better it will be for all of us in the end. We all know that cryptocurrencies are superior to fiat in nearly every aspect and I believe it’s only a matter of time until crypto becomes serious competition against fiat.

What is your opinion on services like Lolli? Do you use it or anything similar? If not, what is your reasoning?


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