Are there any cryptocurrencies that you can earn while you sleep?

By TMod_Marco | TMod_Marco | 30 Dec 2020

Imagine this… You’re interested in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins. But, you don’t have the money to invest (and risk) in cryptocurrency. This is a scenario many people are in. It’s also a scenario I was in for a long time during my studies.


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I kickstarted my investing experience by finding different ways to earn cryptocurrency, which I saved up and some of which ended up being worth a nice amount of money.

The ways I earned these cryptocurrency wasn’t by sleeping, I earned them by doing the things I already did on a daily basis. Such as browsing and searching the web.

Here are some examples of how I earned cryptocurrency online, without investing anything:

  1. Earning cryptocurrency while searching the web
    Back in 2017, I got introduced to Presearch. Presearch built a decentralized and community-driven search engine, which offers quality search results and rewards their users for simply searching the web like done with any other search engine.

    Sounds easy right? Whereas this might not earn you the jackpot, the rewards are a nice bonus which definitely add up overtime, next to privacy and better search.
    See: Presearch - A Better Search Engine For We The People.

  2. Earning cryptocurrency while browsing the web
    Next to Presearch, I’ve used the Brave Browser since 2018. Brave Browser is a Chromium-based browser, offering better privacy and much faster loading speed (thanks to blocking trackers and such).

    Brave built in a rewards program for their users. By browsing through Brave you can claim your free BAT tokens on a monthly basis, which also add up overtime. I personally use the browser for the use case rather than the rewards, but also earn $5-10/month through seeing ads (in a non-annoying way).
    See: Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker | Brave Browser.

  3. Coinbase Earn
    Coinbase is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange. It’s one of the largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Coinbase aims to educate their users on the projects that get listed on the exchange. They therefore introduced an earn program, in which users can watch a few videos and take a 1-5 minute quiz. Rewards vary from $2 to $60. The past year, I’ve earned over $150 in cryptocurrency through their program while only spending about 30 minutes in total.

  4. Coinmarketcap Earn
    Coinmarketcap recently introduced their own Earn program, similar to Coinbase where users watch short videos and take quizzes.

  5. Proof-Of-Stake / Masternodes
    This is a more advanced way to passively earn cryptocurrency. There are plenty of projects that are powered through proof-of-stake or nodes. This however requires holding a particular cryptocurrency (depending on which project you’d want to participate in) and in some cases heavier equipment/hardware.

    As I’d like to keep this post simple, I’m not sharing any details on this. If you’re already invested in cryptocurrency and want to passively grow them, I’d recommend you to do your own research to see if the project’s whose cryptocurrency you hold support this.

  6. Airdrops
    Airdrops have become a popular marketing activity for new projects. Projects launch campaigns for the same reason they launch referral programs: exposure.

    By performing micro tasks, you can earn cryptocurrency. These micro tasks include sharing social posts, following social media accounts, participating in beta programs, and various other campaigns. This is a more active approach, but can be very lucrative.

    For example, by using Uniswap and 1INCH one would have received $4k in UNI and $2k in 1INCH tokens as a reward. These are extreme and rare examples, most would be valued at $5-10, but sometimes these turn out to be bigger than initially expected.

I hope to have provided you with various useful examples of how to earn cryptocurrency, without needing to make an investment first.

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