USPs of the Autobahn Network Rollup

Recently, we announced that we plan to launch the #AutobahnNetwork as an Optimistic Rollup or L2. Hearing this for the first time? 🤔

Tixl Tuesday Explained Series has got you covered! Here’s what you need to know about our primary USPs (unique selling proposition).


→ Decentralized Sequencer (dPoS)

The Autobahn Network will launch with a centralized sequencer, but we will then use our existing delegated proof of stake codebase to decentralize it as soon as possible.

→ Transaction fees

As with existing Rollups, the Autobahn Network will use the native L1 token as payment for gas. However, in the background, L2 fees will be collected and swapped to $TXL.

$TXL tokens staked in the Autobahn Network will receive a portion of the transaction fees earned by the network through an on-chain distribution, governed by the community.

The timing and the specifics of the fee-sharing arrangements will be shared in a Tixl community governance proposal and subject to a community vote after the launch, e.g. 20% will be burned, 80% will be distributed to $TXL stakers.

→ Trustless on-ramp and fast exit

The native bridge for the Autobahn Network Rollup will be the Cross-Chain Bridge. Our goal is to make our Cross-Chain Bridge trustless as soon as possible. Running parallel to the Autobahn Network development, the Cross-Chain Bridge team is already working on a trustless solution utilizing zero-knowledge proofs. It will be usable for all networks including the Autobahn Network Rollup(s): L1 <> L1, L1 <> L2, and L2 <> L2.

This provides a huge opportunity for exposure to a broader audience to bridge into the Autobahn Network with just a few clicks. Also, with connections to a growing number of major networks, our Autobahn Network Rollup is much more attractive to developers, than our competitors who only have a few connectors.

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Autobahn Network | L2 for BSC
Autobahn Network | L2 for BSC

The first L2 Optimistic Rollup for BNB Smart Chain. For minimum gas fees & lightning speed with BSC. đź’¬


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