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How to install a Cache of the Theta network and get TFUEL as a reward

By drummis | Tips for cryptocurrencies | 23 Jan 2021


We will participate in the Theta network to share our unused Internet bandwidth and computational power to help grow the Theta network and improve the experience and quality of video streaming. As a reward for this, we will receive once a month in our wallet, what we have generated.

As of this writing, 1 TFUEL = USD 0.02923.-

Depending on the computer and how it is configured, per day it usually gives as a reward between 4 and 6 TFUEL approximately. In my case I have a computer in "Medium" which is the one I use, and another that is in disuse in "Full". I get a little over 300 TFUEL per month. But the network is growing, so the price will also have to increase.

Let's start with the installation:

Step 1: you must create a wallet to receive the TFUEL.

Here below I leave the link of the official wallet:

You have to create a new wallet, save keys, QR code and the 12 words on a piece of paper and the file on a device that is offline (for example a pendrive).

Step 2: you must install THETA EDGE NODE

Here below I leave the link for the download:

At the bottom of the page, the first is the Guardian Node, the second is the cache that we want to install.

After this, we install the software and copy the wallet address created in step 1. We activate Edge Cache and Edge Compute.

Finally: in the Edge Compute menu, we choose the power we want to allow for this item. If it is a computer we work with, my recommendation is "Medium", if it is an old computer that we do not use, "Full" will be fine. We always check the temperature at which it is working, so as not to have problems.

I hope it has served. Theta is a great project and we can help it continue to grow!


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