Tipcoin - the first anonymous social media tipping platform

By abduraman | Tipcoin | 15 Dec 2019

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Abduraman Blackram. I'm a senior computer engineer with 15+ years experience. 



Increasing their social media engagements is the most desired thing by the users. Besides, they want their sharings to be persuasive but the users with a low number of followers face difficulty in reaching high authentic/organic engagements. 



Tipcoin platform :) How? Details are coming soon.


Coin Details:

Name: Tipcoin

Symbol: TIP

Total Supply: 21,000,000,000,000 (21 Trillion)

Network: Incognito

Exchange: pDEX (pBUSD/TIP) . The pair has very low liquidity but you may create your own pair or add some liquidity to the existing pair(s).

Expected Price within 1 year: $0.00001

Expected Price within 3 years: $0.0001

Expected Price within 5 years: $0.001 

Distribution: Nearly %10 of the total supply will be used for promotions such as airdrop, advertisement gradually. The remaining part will be sold starting from $0.00001 (the expected price within 1 year) to stabilize the market after the market has enough liquidity and depth. That part will be used for "mass adoption"/"business growth" within the long term, not for operational/maintenance costs. Since this project is self-funded (my own fund and Incognito DAO Grant Fund for the initiation, commission fees for the maintenance) and I do not need any money at least for the foreseeable future, I will not dump the price of TIP. My principles are transparency and honesty. As time goes by, I think the coin holders will see how I follow my principles strictly and will trust me. 



To initiate the tokenomics of Tipcoin, we organize an airdrop but we have a basic rule for the number of followers. Since our platform will support Twitter tipping at first, we will airdrop 10,000,000 Tipcoin (expected value $100 within 1 year) just to the first 50,000 Twitter users whose accounts were created before 30th September 2019. The other users can earn Tipcoin by performing the tipping tasks in Tipcoin Announcements channel in Telegram.

You may join in the airdrop HERE.


Note: Incognito company (the maintainer of open-source Incognito Chain) airdrops 0.1 PRV to each wallet within 24 hours after the wallet is created. This amount is enough to cover the fees of the huge number of transactions. So, after you get TIP coins, you may distribute them to the people you want easily.


UPDATE (11 January 2020): New posts have been published.

Transparency Report

Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE (20 December 2019): We have added a referral campaign, too. When your referee who completed all mandatory tasks in the form enters your TWITTER username as the referrer, you will receive 500,000 TIP more.


Social Media: 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tipcoinprivate

Telegram: https://t.me/tipcoinprivate

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Tipcoin - the first anonymous social media tipping platform

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