My first Polkadot drop.

I have been holding and staking Polkadot for a long time. I have discovered Polkadot around the beginning of my crypto journey, just after getting my brain around WTF is Etherium and its smart contract and how painful are gas fees, and a little bit before BSC and other multi-platform networks. For a long time, I hold some DOT's and stake them even I knew that I can get better profit on different coins.

The truth is that I have earned a little bit when the auction has been started, now I think I should not sell my coins but put them on auction. I have left around half of what I got and I have put it on the auction.

So today I have noticed that I did receive around 4 ACA, which according to Coingecko is worth around $10. The funniest thing is that I have my ACA on Kraken, and I am not able to sell them there. So I think I will keep them and take some risk on the price change.

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Hi, I am just a regular guy trying to understand crypto and other non-mainstream investing strategies to maybe earn enough to get a nice passive income.

The Crypto, the Games and the Money
The Crypto, the Games and the Money

I love playing and I love crypto, from this combination emerges the way of earning it, or at least trying, by combining both of my passions. I hope to write helpful reviews and guides on the crypto games I play.

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