gaming report is back with actifit report on June 6 2023


I have not posted gaming updates as not a lot happened yesterday, and to be honest I am not sure that anything spectacular happened today.


Last focus was ok, 10 boxes with 7 cards, and 1.7 SPS. I know that this is not a lot of coins but my usual amount of SPS is not largest than 0.1 so anything above
1 is worth mentioning.

I am going to write a report of my clan brawl results as I hope I can encourage somebody to join us as we need more people.


The season is on. I have my first harvest but I think that this season will be slightly works than the last one.

I am still trying to sell my copper Inglot and wood planks. I need to see if the best thing to craft and sell is charcoal.


I got 3 new cards, Architect, Student and Worker so that with my daily purchase of Scientists is putting me at -120 workers and recovering from it will take some time, but this was sth I was expecting when I have combined Farm Corporation

Rising Star

Other than running missions to grind my level I am raving. But not a lot is happening in this game for me now.


Same old same old. I am playing a mission and a lesson and I will be doing it for the next few years as my STARDOM gain is very slow.

Golem Overlord

The new strategy of putting 40% of the claim into Scavengin Golems works. My SC is slowly growing which is also giving me a boost to my earnings. As I am trying to get more level quickly I have burned almost 100 PARTS to boost it and for now, I am gaining 2 XP per hour. Why you can ask, PARTS are cheap now so I am not going to get a lot from selling it and levels should increase my attack recoup time which should also increase my claim abilities.


Let's start with a very good 12 SCRAP attack result. Now I need to consider if I want to update my stash to allow me to gain more SCRAP in attacks or wait.

I have changed my plans to build up my defence to become a less interesting target for other players as my regular claim did not work at all.

I also almost broke the 20% required to unlock the first planet. But if I can improve mt SCRAP retention I will be able to gain it even quicker.

Games I am looking at:

This is my list of potential new games to take part in, some are still in development some do not work for me:

Please consider voting for my witnesses

HiveEngine -
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