a very late report for a decent day with actifit report on June 3 2023

This is my daily web3 gaming progress update.


Today's focus was a decent 8 boxes with 9 cards, that include 2 Death summoners. I do not know why I prefer summoners so much, but I think I am boosting my playing abilities. I also think bot owners hope for the summoners as this might be a way for them not to rent anything. I am also curious when the antibot solution will be implemented in the game.


So the season will finish in a few hours. I have earned almost 1k shares and this should produce around 600 CROP. THe value usually is going down as a lot of people are selling their crops.


After combining the farm corporation I am trying to regain the workers, Yesterday I managed to buy Worker with education and I have retrained students into Policeman. For the next few weeks, I am going to buy only workers and scientists to fill the missing worker balance


Rising Star

So other than earning a quite good 30k STARBITs this week I am levelling and raving. All goes well and I hope that at least once I will be able to be in the top 3 of VIP.


I am trying to earn STARDOMs, I think that at the end of today, I should be able to but a 100-fans person card at least but I know that getting more fans will be a long and painful process.

Golem Overlord

My strategy of putting 40% of the income into scavenging golems works. There is a small catch you need to earn a decent 15+ in every claim for SG to gain but other than that it is fine. I think I will try to put 50% on my secondary accounts to boost them.


My favor progress is good. I am gaining a little bit below 10 every day but I think I should be able to speed up the process by having more offence and attacking richer players.


Games I am looking at:

This is my list of potential new games to take part in, some are still in development some do not work for me:

Please consider voting for my witnesses

HIVE - https://vote.hive.uno/@assassyn
HiveEngine - https://votify.vercel.app/alamut-he
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The Crypto, the Games and the Money
The Crypto, the Games and the Money

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