BeFaster, dApp that rewards you for your sports activities

By NeonNexus | tinplho/cryptointerest | 25 Jun 2019

BeFaster, dApp that rewards you for your sports activities



I came across a TRON/TRX network dApp that I find very interesting, it seemed interesting to me to let you discover it too

I have often looked for Apps/dApps, which allow to ally the useful with the pleasant 

In this example in particular : Playing sports, and having a reward for our personal efforts (to always have to surpass ourselves), so concretely, not to do sports out of necessity, but out of greed :) lol


And so I discovered ''.

Their vision is exactly what I'm looking for, I found it by a happy coincidence, so here's my little digest of information about this dApp.

BeFaster, is a very different application, from what can currently be found on the market, dApps essentially offer:

  • Virtual Games
  • Virtual reality...

Let's remember the word "Virtual


BeFaster distinguishes itself by focusing on physical activity instead of virtual activity, which is the rule in most block chains, including Tron. So (for me) it's an important reason to consider the case of this dApp

Their concept is not very complicated, but so well provided

BeFaster, in addition to being decentralized, it offers a wide range of challenges, their artificial intelligence algorithm, will indeed be able to offer new challenges to each user, depending on their level, starting point, performance, and thus offer them ever more activity, to diversify their sports activities, and make this profitable (if I can say) and not an absolute necessity to stay fit and healthy every day

What's really good is that BeFaster will be able to offer Challenges to do in Solo, or 1 vs 1 challenges (whether the person is close, or on the other side of the world it doesn't matter)

There will also be the possibility to do Challenges in 1 vs 1, even multi-challenge, it will be enough that 2 users of the dApp are in the same place, even if they do not know each other, to be able to set up Challenge (so in addition to earning Tokens, we can even meet people who share the same sports interests - We totally leave the virtual, that's what seduces me with BeFaster)

The Challenges will not be limited to proximity, it can be Regional as well as International

When create your profile on BeFaster (which is decentralized, I remind you), from the mobile application. This profile will provide our personal information such as: profession, activity, movement status, weight, gender and ageBeFaster will be able to provide us with a personalized walking program that suits your abilities and that you need to improve. And that's just the start.


BeFaster will assign a rank (according to your profile) to each new user:

  • Couch Potato,
  • Beginner, 
  • Advanced, 
  • Enthusiasts, 
  • Professional

To balance all this, and avoid abandoning too quickly, the "Couch Potato" will never be paired (in case Challenges) with a professional, but only with a person of his level, who makes the exercises much more motivating, because we can finally give ourselves the ability to win (against a person of similar level)


Here is the subject a little more serious, BeFaster is at the very beginning of its ICO Phase, (if you want to consult their Road Map), in 5 weeks, they have already reached 26% of their Hardcap..



Like most projects based on a block chain, BeFaster includes a cryptocurrency called BFCH, which will allow the holders to have a share of the future company's profits, 5% of the Token capital will be distributed in Airdrop.


BeFaster's official website:

Follow BeFaster on Twitter:


So that's it for my little discovery, I'll try to follow the progress of the Project more closely, and wish them good luck for the future, they have a Gold Nugget in their hands, it's up to them to make good use of it 


Take care of you

See you soon 


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