Aromatherapy Letter B

By Musicfairynj | Tina Patterson | 14 Aug 2019

Here is some more aromatherapy for you. I will always include the precautions to use with them.

Holy Basil - This comes from India. This is a very strong medicine smell. Not like what basil smells like. Helps with your mood and is useful to center your mind and aid in meditation. Dont use in the early stages of pregnancy.

Sweet Basil - This comes from Egypt. You can use this everyday and it is safe for your skin. It helps to reduce mental exhaustion. You can also use this on your scalp and treat your hair.

Bergamont - This is from Italy. This is safe for adults and children. It aids in relation. You get this from pressing fruit peels. This is a very mind opening scent.

Sweet Birch - This is from the USA. Now with this scent it is more of a wintergreen aroma. It can be toxic in high doses. But is commonly used in steam rooms and saunas.

Bay Rum - This comes from Jamaica. The scent of this makes you happen and it is used in soaps and perfumes. It can be used to raise your spirits.

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