Time Bandit -- Beginning of Time [Religious Version] - #0001

Time Bandit -- Beginning of Time [Religious Version] - #0001

By Coco50Nitty | Time Bandit | 1 Mar 2020

Time Bandit

The Beginning of Time

The Religious Version #0001

Adam awoke in the Garden of Eden on the night after the creation of Man, he saw everything within the Garden and fell in love with the scent of strawberries amongst other things in his home. He had never felt pain and often went for walks around the Garden. Since the beginning of time, God had spoken to him, and at one point it was enough to make him happy. But as time went on he felt distant from his creator, he began to have doubts over whether life was even worth living. Death would never come for God had granted him immortality, but at times he wished he could close his eyes and see nothing else than the Blackness of Non-existence.
It took several decades of depression before God realized Adam truly wasn't happy. Upon the day of Adam's 55th birthday, God had asked him, "What do you wish me to give you for this amazing day for you?" 
"I wish only to pass on to a happier life, I see no fulfillment here." Adam responded.
God studies Adam for many months and realized that the one thing he had not given Adam, was a friend (other than himself).
For Adam's 55th Birthday, God put Adam into a deep coma and removed one of his ribs. Upon taking out his Rib, God used his Scientific Magick to create through the cloning process, a Female for Adam.
When Adam awoke, his sight fell on the girl beside him, whom was fast asleep. Reaching over, he fell instantly in love with the girl, as she opened her eyes, she said: "Who are you?" 
"I am Adam." He answered.
"Who am I?" She asked.
"Well... I guess you would be 'Eve'" Adam replied.

As the years passed, Adam would make perfumes for Eve while Eve would make garments for him.
One day, Eve came across a Plant that she had never seen before.

Calling Adam over, she asked: "What is that?"
"Oh that..." Adam replied, "That Plant comes and goes, it never stays in the same spot... God said to avoid looking at it."
"Adam, there is fruit on the Plant, I am hungry to see what it tastes like." Eve responded.
"Well, we should really listen to God..." Adam said.
But Eve had already grabbed the Fruit and taken a bite of it.
"It tastes delicious!" She said.
"We should not be doing this..." Adam insisted looking over.
Giving a sly grin, Eve then told her first lie: "But Adam, it tastes so much like strawberries, you have to try it!"
Adam looked at the Grapefruit and began to fall into a Daze, approaching the fruit, he took a bite of it.
"I know how God did it now." He mumbled.
"You know how God did what?" Eve asked.
"I know how God created Life and became God." Adam replied.
"Adam, we can be like Gods ourselves!" Eve notioned with an excited yet mischievous grin.

At that moment, God rushed into the Garden quicker than he had ever approached them in their lives.
"You have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam, I forbid it of you."
"Eve said it tasted like Strawberries!" Adam worriedly replied.
"Eve, why have you lied to your lover? And why did you not listen to him."
"Because you are NOT the true creator, you are a Fraud!" Eve replied, "We have learned from the Fruit, we will become as a God like you." 

Adam backed away from God and shuddered at the moment he was about to face, for Adam had learned more from the Fruit and knew how angry God could be.
"We should leave." Adam said.
"What?" Eve replied.
"We should leave Eve, God does not want us anymore." Adam answered.

And so the two left the Garden of Eden, knowing that they may never see it again. As the two left God spoke to them and told them, "You shall never be Immortal again, and you will suffer through life."

End of #0001
**This interpretation has been dramatized to engage the audience and keep the attention of the readers.**

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