The first web3 health to wealth platform

By Ticktalker | ticktalker'sblog | 15 Apr 2024

You must have heard of the popular saying health is wealth and you might have ponder "how do I incentivize my wellness?" 


A web3 wellness platform just came to clear up that and you will be surprised what these people have in their bags, journey with me as a take you through a health to wealth platform.


WELL3 is set to become the biggest Wellness platform in the world.


Their Beta Version has gathered over 870k Users in just a few months.


And a little over a week ago, they shattered every previous record for a Public Sale.


Who are they & how can you position yourself?👇🧵


Before delving deeper into the project, its vision, the Token Launch, and its backing, let's highlight some achievements so you understand the significant opportunity before you:


In the beginning, I stated that they broke every record for a Public Sale and it’s true👇


They are the first and fastest to raise $10 million in just 1 minute!


The rest of the Public Sale looked like this..


🏆Achieved 10,000 ETH (equivalent to 36 million) in 26 minutes 

🏆Achieved 15,237.2 ETH (equivalent to 55 million) in 24 hours 

🏆Reached 15,237.2 ETH (55 million) TVL for 7 days 

🏆Have 2,675 NFT holders and 10,565 members participated


Now you are probably starting to wonder why you haven’t heard of this and who they are.


But wait, I have some more stats👇


Like I also told you in the beginning they have a Beta Version of their up-and-coming platform WELL3.


And this is how it looked so far..


🔹Total Users: 876,460 

🔹Active Users: 817,337 

🔹Total Transaction: 1,663,479 

🔹Total Unique Wallet Address on #opBNB 


 : 519,336 

🔹6.3+ Million Well3NFT minted


I need to elaborate on the last two stats a bit more because they're truly impressive.


They managed to have 519,336 unique wallet addresses on the new chain from Binance „opBNB.“


That means they managed to have over 500k individuals who all engage actively and do transactions.


Imagine you bringing this huge amount of people to a CEX.. And Well3 will do exactly that for their up-and-coming Token $WELL


Why did I highlight that? Let’s imagine I’m a top CEX


Nowadays you are seeing a lot of farming campaigns who do social farming and have a lot of users, but the real game changer are the users who really do transactions and interact with a network = Unique Wallet Addresses.


Especially if it’s a new network outside of Ethereum. That also shows the motivation behind the users.


If I was someone from a CEX that would be one of the most important metrics I look at and we know $WELL is gonna launch with a T1 CEX simultaneously.


The second part I wanted to talk about are the 6.3 Million Nfts minted.


Over 320k people minted over 6.3 million Nfts on the opBNB chain which makes it the biggest Nft collection on the BNB Chain



And the launch was just 2 months ago..


Imagine this collection like your personalized digital wellness journal and you have an AI creating it for you.


This allows Users too see a visual representation of their journey towards better health and mindfulness.


Now let’s look at something that every Degen wanna know about: Tokenomics


The Tokenomics of $WELL are truly beneficial for the community.


What’s also not obvious nowadays unfortunately. The team Tokens have a 1-year cliff and even after that it’s not a big unlock but a 24-month daily linear unlock.


The community gets a stunning 60% of the whole allocation! And the unlock terms are also really attractive!


You can watch it by yourself in the following graphic:



Before I talk about the backing and the Investors of the project you are probably wanna know now how you get your hands on $WELL before it goes live.


For that make sure to join the beta version of the app on


You can use one of these codes to start:













If you want to be among the people who get the biggest share of $WELL before it goes live, make sure to buy their NFTs.


Keungz Genesis on (Magic Eden) Yogapetz on (Blur & Magic Eden) Kubz on (Magic Eden)


Okay guys I don’t wanna make this too long. So i keep myself short on the Investors of WELL3 now.


You can argue that they have one of the strongest backings in the Web3 Space.


Animoca brands, Fenbushi, Spartan, Bandai Namco, Newman Capital, Blocore Group, and more!

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