Subsocial is lite

Subsocial is lite

By Ticktalker | ticktalker'sblog | 4 Mar 2024

Socialfi's are cooking something huge under the hood of the whole crypto bull run.


I recently started social interactions on polkaverse, a socialfi under subsocial (Dot) and so far, the journey has been rosy, I mean that not just literally but also financially.


I just got credited 3200 sub tokens ~$29.5 for doing not more than what I do on Twitter on a daily basis. 


Subsocial is the creator economy on Dot chain, incentivizing users through content staking.


There are great spaces on subsocial you can join and have fun, and if you still can't find a space you belong to, you can go ahead and create yours.


Earning on subsocial is super easy, according to a quote on their Twitter handle "even your grandma can use it"

If you are interested in joining just head over to and stake some sub tokens which you can buy from mexc or other native Dot swap protocols and stake 2000 sub to empower you become a creator and stake and earn from your contents. 

The sub you stake also generate revenue for you on a daily basis and so does your contents. You earn from everything you do on the platform, likes, comments, sharing posts.....



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