Content staking vs traditional staking

By Ticktalker | ticktalker'sblog | 6 Apr 2024

One prominent way of securely earning crypto currency in this volatile market is through staking. Staking comes with a lot of risks considering the fact that your funds are locked up and can't be moved during the lock period.


So if you buy a crypto at a premium price, you can't immediately sell off when the price begins to drop or when you see an incoming discount.


Different cryptocurrencies offer different incentives called APY (annual percentage yield) for staking them. 


These APY range from anywhere between 0.1-500% 


While it is quite very unrealistic to get a project with very high returns, but I just found one token that breaks that barrier.


And it is Subsocial token $Sub. You may not have done the calculations, but I did and I found out that subsocial offers up to 34.8% APY on staking sub in the native 


I just checked in with Binance and found that theirs is currently around 1.5% now, this value varies greatly and sometimes you may end up not making anything substantial from staking, but that doesn't happen with Sub.


Aside from the incentives of staking, staking sub tokens also empower you to be a creator and monetize your contents and social interactions on the platform, thereby using one stone to kill two bird$.


The scheme used by subsocial is one that is currently being copied by various socialfi's because of how marvelous it is.


So what's stopping you from joining this train and earning with us. Sub is currently at a discounted price right now and you can begin your content creation journey with just $14. Which in no time should become a source of substantial income for you.


You can begin your journey here 

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