Bitcoin now at $50,000 The bullrun that started long ago

By Ticktalker | ticktalker'sblog | 13 Feb 2024

The bullrun which everyone has been waiting for to help them retire has come sorry I mean we are just starting to notice it more evidently.


The bullrun started when Bitcoin was around 15k. What many don't understand that profitability in the bull market is more about taking profits from your positions.


You don't learn how to fight when you are already in a battle, most of the people who are going to hit it big from the bull market are people who held positions early.


The biggest task in being profitable is staying positioned, buying those bags early, Bitcoin has done over 2X from $15k, when it was at $15k there where people who were expecting it to fall back to $12k.


You emotions do not control the market and they should not control you either in the market.


Bitcoin is now at $50k and someone somewhere is still expecting $35k.


Not that it won't happen but there are two things, one is called possibility and the other is called probability.


Is it possible for Bitcoin to go to $35k, yes.


How probable is it for that to happen, highly unlikely in the near time.


If you are still expecting it, it means you fully don't understand the impact of the Bitcoin ETF and pre-halving.

Invest in crypto with a long term goal in mind, those (Nigerians) who bought 1 Bitcoin at $15k in 2022 bought it for N745 X 15,000 = N11,175,000


You would have made a profit of N60,000,000 for holding till now.


This is as a result of the naira depreciation against dollar, this also highlights the stronghold of Bitcoin as a store of value immune to other economic factors.

Hope you learnt something today, I am ticktalker and I always post crypto/educative contents.

Making each day count in the world of crypto is crucial for success. Plan, research, and learn to stay ahead. Keep pushing, legends! 💪💯

Until next time, stay SAFU.

Please whatever is written in the article above is for educative purposes only. I am not a financial advisor.

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