A Poem For A Friend Who Left

A Poem For A Friend Who Left

By kinchai | Thoughts In Solitude | 30 Mar 2019

Never imagined life without you

Never thought we would part so early

a budding friendship nipped so cruelly with your passing. 

Never thought life will be so incomplete

Never dreamt that time will be cut so short.


Missing simple conversations, short meaningful talks

Who would have thought that in a short a time,

you would make such a profound impact

In a life you've so unknowingly touched


Life is so short as you fondly told

Make it meaningful, fruitful

I want to, and follow your lead

But I don't know how, not sure which steps to take

Unsure of the next move to make

It's not easy without you guiding the path

It's not as simple as I thought it will be

It's not as easy had you been here


But life moves forward

Even as your memory fades, hard as I try to grasp it so tightly

Guide from where you are, Direct as you see fit

All I hope now,

is to continue and move forward

hoping to make you proud

hoping to accomplish all goals as was tasked.


Blowing in the wind, a simple whisper

to not forget me over yonder

as I continue to remember

here where I stand,


the you that will always be

a friend so dear to my heart


A Poem so fondly made for a friend who recently passed. You will notice that its not really titled... I can't find the right words to meld into a title that will be apt, so it's just that... a poem for a friend who passed away. If you think of a title, please let me know and I might use it :) 
i do hope you guys enjoyed it though. 

I will always remember the simple lessons he taught me. It's easy to remember the jokes, the laughter, the fun, but along with it is a dull pain that continues to throb. 

Honestly, slowly he fades from memory, his looks, his laughter, his gestures are but vague images in my mind, but I will always remember the thoughts he imparted, the wisdom of his words often times veiled in jibes. 

I will never forget you, nor your words of wisdom. Please continue to be our angel in heaven, always praying for our success.

Your legacy lives on. Your dream we will push into reality.


I am an online enthusiast and believes life should be lived. Found success in some online endeavours, not so much in others, I work for success & lead that with prayer. I share with you experiences with hopefully share a little inspiration as well

Thoughts In Solitude
Thoughts In Solitude

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