Conceptual Plagiarism

By Djmssr | Thoughts for Discussion | 20 Jun 2019

                Hello all, the topic at hand for this week should be considered an ultimately vital and legally safe guarded part of anyone’s writings, especially when using information sources and/or ideologies that are not your own. The question is of the monumental importance of using proper citations and references in your own works.


                “Give credit where credit is due”(Braun N, 2019), I believe is the most recent terminology that I have been endowed with hearing, but it is the basic thought process behind why using citations and references in all of your printed works whether academic or work related is of such importance. The idea is simple and just. Do not under any circumstances take credit for another individuals work or ideas as it is highly unethical, and in most cases can lead to heavy financial, academic expulsion, and/or possibly even legal ramifications in the future, depending on what exactly it is you have taken credit for. For example, in my daily life I work as a self-published writer slash copy writer in my spare time. In my example say I am in the process of writing a new coffee table reader about the old west, and I came up with a bad case of writers block halfway through and decided to do a little research to help develop my story line. In doing so I come across a body of information that I would really love to emphasize and embellish on, but the concept of the passage was possibly something that another novelist or author had derived from their own research and I have chosen to attempt to pass the entire concept off as my own. This one single act of plagiarism when caught, could not only lead the possible termination of my writing career, but it could have ramifications in the form of heavy law-suits due to very strict and unforgiving copyright laws and/or even possible jail time depending on the restrictions of your local governing bodies or institutions. “Definitions of fraud are dependent upon specific jurisdictions… Fraud is defined as knowingly misrepresenting facts or information in order to obtain something of value”, (Fishman T, 2009). Therefore, I prefer to play it safe by using mostly direct quotes or summarizations in my work, in which I always make the effort to cite and credit the original author for. One minor misrepresentation could possibly be the end of everything in that aspect.


                A major insight I can say I have made in my research of the proposed topic is on the subject of “self-plagiarism” also known as a duplicate publication. It’s a concept that most do not even think about in our everyday grind. Even me as a writer was not fully aware of the specifics regarding “self-plagiarism”. Depending on the project at hand it to can have its own set of repercussions in both business and academic settings. “Reusing one’s previously published work without alerting the reader of its prior publication constitutes self-plagiarism and it is a practice that is strictly forbidden by most scientific and scholarly journals”, (ROIG Miguel, 2008) Always remember to give yourself the due credit when reusing one of your own original ideas and/or concepts just as you would do any other source of information you may use in a current essay, project, or writing. It can help to give the reader more of an understanding by giving them the ability to seek out your original works on the information being reused. Also if you are someone who uses writing as a means of making an income and you have multiple works out there, it can never hurt to have that cited reference of your previous work in order to further the reach of your previously post or printed writings.




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Thoughts for Discussion
Thoughts for Discussion

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