It’s rabbit time!

By Seaweed King | SeaweedKing's Artwork | 21 Jul 2020

Do you have a rabbit pet in your home? Well, I had one back in the days, but things didn’t turn out the right way, so I had to give them to someone who will take care of them better than me. Since I been thinking about them, I decided to do some artwork about rabbits. I also planned to experiment with the silhouette effect. I put a moon in the artwork because it works best when it comes to silhouette subject. I also did this during night time so the inspiration is partly because of that,

Software tool: Corel painter

Brushes used: Acrylic and watercolor brush



Here's the process:

1.) Sketch out the details.

2,) Coloring the night sky using acrylic brush.

3.) Now we’re half way done with that night sky.

4.) Done! Now I added a new layer for the rabbits.

5.) Coloring the grassland using watercolor brush.

6.) Then the rabbits.

7.) Next is to add some watercolor effects to the night sky so that it would not look too dull. Sadly, during this part, electricity suddenly went out, so I have to redo all the steps. Because of that, the finish artwork has some slight differences from this.

8.) Done!

I’m planning to add yellowish color to the moon to make it more magical, so I’ll update this post when I’m done with that.

That’s it for today folks. Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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Seaweed King
Seaweed King

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SeaweedKing's Artwork
SeaweedKing's Artwork

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