The story of King Shahriar and his brother King Shahjaman…(Episode - 0007)

King Shahriar took the head of Begum with his own hand in the palace. All the slaves and maids in Harame ordered to be executed. Then he called Wazir and said, "Every night from tomorrow needs a virgin girl in my house. I will enjoy the whole night with him. And in the morning I will kill him by myself. So that she could not sleep with another man. Wazir, now your job is to collect a virgin girl every night.

Wazir, who collected a girl every night for three years in the order of the king. Critical panic across the country. Those who had leprosy girls in the house started becoming emigrants. Those, who could not flee their daughters began to be victims of this brutal mindset. The people, who hid his daughter in the chest, ran to the forest in the forest, forest in the forest, and fled to the hills. The king who once believed in the knowledge of God's messenger, today they turn away from hatred. They are destined to seek death.

But it is difficult to escape from the wrath of the king. For the virgin daughter of the people who escaped from the mountains were brought. In this way, all the virgin daughters of the country had ended, where a virgin girl could not be found.

Wajri came back in a vacant place all over the country on the way. returning home depressed and was sitting and thinking about his own destiny. Going in front of the king with empty hands means sure death.

Wazir's two daughters. Both are pretty beautiful. The quality is more than their beauty. There is no equal of them in taste, nature, education, intellectualization. The name of the big daughter, Shaharajad. The little name, Duniajad. Shaharajad is scholar in History. He has read thousands of stories. His humble use, and the euphoria is fascinated by everyone.

Seeing his father sad in this way, the elder daughter Shahrazad asked, why are you worried, father? What happened? What happened in any danger?

He feel better to hear his daughter's word. Wazir, said all the brutal story of the king.

To Be Continued

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This is about myself #Introduceyourself
This is about myself #Introduceyourself

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