The story of King Shahriar and his brother King Shahjaman…(Episode - 0017)

After listening to me, he brought a small copper pot filled with water. She began to read the mantra by wearing a spell. Then the water was flattened on the cow.

The calf slowly began to look at the human face. I could not hold myself again. I embraced my son and kissed him. I asked, who did this situation?

Then he told all the events from the beginning. I got you back for this girl. I promised him, he would marry her.

That day I got married to the boy. I wandered in the country now by placing my family with the boy's wife. My wife, my road companion, goat.

I was going through this path, I saw the baud standing under the tree and it was clogged. Maya is so far I went near. He listened to all the events. Then I was waiting to see what happens.

The giant jumped in joy A lot of fun stories. Go, I've got one third of your offense.

Then the second Sheikh, the owner of those two dogs came forward and said, "Listen to the story of the monster so much that my story is even better than that." If you like what you like about my story, then do some more crimes of Saudagar.

The giant said, that would be Sheikh Sahib, but if you like my story.


To Be Continued

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This is about myself #Introduceyourself
This is about myself #Introduceyourself

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