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Are You Hoarding For The Next Outbreak?

Covid Schmovid. I deleted my Facebook account because my brain hurt from all the negativity surrounding the upcoming USA election and the Covid virus. It has been over a week now and my brain feels much better. The internet is a wonderful invention and it has enabled humankind to do things that had taken days to accomplish just 20 years ago.

I live eight states away from the majority of my family, yet technology allows me to send them text messages within seconds instead of snail mail that took a week. I can send them "letters", photos, maps, money- all within seconds. I no longer need to get in my car in 32 degree weather (or stand in line between other people who may be sick!) just to do my banking. I can now do 99% of it online. Shopping? Online! Reference the symptoms I am feeling, searching for a newer car, and helping a lost puppy find her way home. I can do it all online. But I am also exposed to opinions that are too often presented as fact and often against my personal opinions and beliefs. These opinions are too often presented in hateful, demeaning, and inciting ways and frankly, I got tired of it.


I escaped most of the "social programming" that I was exposing myself to with sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and almost every secondary online "news" source. Right now, I am hoarding PEACE and it is so nice!

Yesterday, I took a trail hike and using a handy app on my phone, I identified birds and their calls. I did the same thing with plants and trees. I fooled around with an app called Basemap. I found a small creek I never knew existed! All within minutes from my home. This would have never happened several months ago. I would have spent my day fuming over something I read on the internet (Facebook, Twitter.) Making equally inciteful replies to people I dont even know, who I will probably never meet. I traded all that chaos and frustration for PEACE! 


I decided this winter, I am not going to run around trying to find ground beef, toilet paper, rice, potatoes, etc. I have already stocked up my freezer and pantry. I am literally set and I feel HAPPY! 


What are you hoarding right now (other than crypto perhaps?) How is your mental health? Are you happy? Are you at Peace? Ditch the negativity and hoard the positive. You will be happy that you did! 

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It's nice to have now but you can't take it with you. Cancer sucks. In memory of my best friend: The one who led me to be a better person than I ever thought I could be.

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