5 Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen In 2022

By Gary Smith | . | 24 Jan 2022

There are multiple ways to make money online, however teens have many obstacles to go through just to get started generating income. I’ll be going over step by step on how I generated my hard earned cash as a teenager myself and how you can too!

1. Surveys.

I know surveys can be very stressful, but if you choose the right websites you can be heavily rewarded. I made $1000 doing surveys in my free time. That money can be invested in stocks, cryptocurrency, and NFT’s which could in return give you live changing amounts of money. Keep in mind that you need to stay consistent doing surveys and being patient for money like that to be rolling in. Survey Websites/Apps I recommend would be Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Earnably, Survey On The Go, and Survey Monkey.

2. Investing

I understand that its difficult to invest at a young age because of the restrictions but I found a few solutions. First of all you can get a parent/guardian to open you a brokerage account to hold assets. This could be on various websites and apps like Robinhood, Webull, eTrade, etc. Another way is by downloading the app called ShapeShift. What is ShapeShift? ShapeShift has a website and mobile app available for android or apple. ShapeShift believes in privacy for cryptocurrency transactions meaning teens can buy, hold, and sell crypto on the ShapeShift wallet. To sign up for ShapeShift visit or download the ShapeShift app.

3. Affiliate Marketing

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is where a company pays someone a commission for getting a sale on their product. Companies like Amazon offer this business model. Speaking of Amazon, there is no age limit for Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing program. Amazon pays between 5–10% commission per product you sale. For example, if you get someone to purchase an iPhone with your Affiliate link you get $50-$100 just like that for 1 singular sale. How do I advertise these links? You can either make blogs, post on social media platforms, or ask your friends if they are interested in the product. I would recommend getting a parent/guardian to help you set up your Amazon Affiliate account. It might be difficult at first to get sales but in time you can see some major success.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where you can sell services to people. That could be editing videos, making thumbnails, or even saying whacky things for the buyers entertainment. You can sell services on Fiverr at age 13 so its very business friendly for teens. Of course with most businesses you need to put in the work. If you want to edit videos for people, you need to know how to edit. Make sure you make your profile is very professional, be good at whatever you are going to sell, and have the right payment information. Sales might take time but if you put in the work and put in the hours you will see profit in no time!

5. Starting A Blog

Starting a blog is great in the long term. You would grow an audience and even potentially can make a living off of it. If you don't have the money to make a website (most teens wouldn’t) I would recommend doing what I'm doing, blogging on medium. You need a minimum of 100 followers to join Mediums Partner Program so help me get there! After that you can get paid. Professional bloggers can make up to 7 figures a year blogging alone. I personally enjoy blogging and maybe you might too.


What you should get from this article is go out and try something. That could be starting an account on social media and posting everyday, blogging, affiliate marketing, or even surveys. You’ll never know if your good at something when you never even tried. So go out there and start making some money. If you found this helpful please leave a comment and let me know. I would love to here your thoughts on this topic.

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