Thirsty Thursday (4) Good and gather sparkling water

By Fred flinstone | #Thirsty Thursday | 20 Nov 2020



Hey guys gusse what today is. That is right today is #Thirsty Thursday  and today's drink is brought to by Good and gather sparkling water. (Tropical cherry one). Given my horrible eating habits i decided to try out some alternatives to water, and i found this gem of a beverage. Like most Americans (*i do not drink nearly enough water) and i thought this might be a descent alternatives to doing so. Based on only having two of these ever, they dont taste that bad (*have had a few bad sparking waters in my lifetime). *This article would have been longer but i have not had any personal experience with this drink


Final thoguhts and other stuff - As far as sparking cider goes its not too bad of drink. You guys should go and grab one today.

* I forgot to post other link stuff

wow its a new product line apperently its A Target line ( of different health products)



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#Thirsty Thursday
#Thirsty Thursday

Every Thursday i will go over a drink and review it , The range will be any kinda drink, Water, Soda, different booze, the possibilities are endless. Will one day merge with another blog i creating however until then the i am keeping the food and drinks thing separate. BE on the LOOK out for when i do merge those to blogs together.Will have an Adult warning if i am reviewing Adult beverages

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