Thirsty Thursday (2) lunazul tequila

By Fred flinstone | #Thirsty Thursday | 5 Nov 2020


* topic on an ADULT beverage 


    Hey guys guess what today is. Thirsty Thursday (2). Today i will be talking a little bit about my favorite tequila brand Lunazul. Lunazul is known (personal option) as a mid priced tequila brand. What that means (personal option ) is that this tequila is a sipable brand (being able to drink it straight from the bottle without mixing it with something before hand. (not all brands are made to be that way). A tiny bit of back story is in order.


   Some time ago in a galaxy far far way i too was a young adult. *( all joking aside) Sometime around my 21 first birth day i was gifted a bottle of tequila as a turning 21 years old party gift. Every since that gift i have never looked back on my pursuit of finding the perfect tequila brand. I have tried many other tequila brands and none have come close to smoothness of this brand.    


Final thoughts -  Lunazul is an awesome tequila brand  and should be consumed responsibly. (*As always  links are posted below, wiki page, actual website , and possible other websites linking to this product) 


Lunazul history




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#Thirsty Thursday
#Thirsty Thursday

Every Thursday i will go over a drink and review it , The range will be any kinda drink, Water, Soda, different booze, the possibilities are endless. Will one day merge with another blog i creating however until then the i am keeping the food and drinks thing separate. BE on the LOOK out for when i do merge those to blogs together.Will have an Adult warning if i am reviewing Adult beverages

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