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Yet Another Double Standard

By Deejo | Thinking-Out-Loud | 14 Nov 2021

People on the left say anything they want. They can threaten violence or anything else, it doesn’t matter, it is ignored. But if someone on the right even expresses a dissenting opinion, they are accused of threats or even terrorism. Disagreeing is not a threat, but too many politicians don’t seem to understand this. 

As long as you agree with them, then you’re not a threat. But disagree and you’re put on a list or put in DC GITMO as a political prisoner. Case in point, January 6th. While most of these protestors were peaceful, many are still being held and abused in the DC GITMO... without a court date! (See my article DC GITMO Political Prisoners.) 

However, when a BLM leader literally threatens police and others, the people in charge do NOTHING. De Blasio won’t address BLM leader’s threat of ‘bloodshed’ on streets

This is a quote from a BLM leader

“If…  Then we are going to take to the streets again. There will be riots. There will be fire. And there will be bloodshed.”

If a conservative (especially a Trump supporter) said this, they would probably be put on the terrorist list and possibly arrested. But when an organization that PRETENDS to care about black people says it, no one says a thing. No one does anything.

These leaders SAY they care about black people. But their actions speak a different message very loudly (They destroyed black communities in the riots before.) If the media would do their job and report what actually happens, then people would see their antics and they wouldn’t get away with it. But the media is complicit. They protect the violent protesters and the corrupt politicians. The media and corrupt politicians need to be held accountable, and anyone else who allows the violence and intimidation.

According to the liberal left (MSM, corrupt politicians, etc.), left threats are okay but right opinions are threats. These are marxists tactics and is not be allowed in a free country! 

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