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Stramosi is the first NFT series provided on Elrond blockchain and marks the fusion among blockchain technology, contemporary-day art, and historical legacy.
This NFT series has 10000 unique characters inspired by the colorful folklore of Romania.
It was generated using hundreds of unique characteristics associated with significant historical individuals and Romanian traditions.

Stramosi are blockchain avatars that you can own and store in your Elrond wallet.

Being a Stramosi owner means:

  • you will have access to perks, related to all of its future developments on Elrond.
  • you will be one of the early adopters and among the first owners of Elrond NFTs.
  • it will be your membership pass to the @Romania DAO.


Who is @Romania?
@Romania is an NGO based in Bucharest, Romania with a mission to accelerate the country’s tourism promotion and develop blockchain-powered tools which democratize how we plan, book, and travel.
@Romania's key objectives are to promote and facilitate smart travel to Romania and become a self-sustained AI-driven tourism DAO, powered by the Elrond ecosystem.




For those of you who want to join the project, the only way to do so is now via the secondary market by purchasing a Stramosi NFT from its current owner.
Stramosi is part of MOS-b9b4b2 collection on Elrond.


With more individuals entering Elrond and demand for Elrond NFTs increasing, the value of Stramosi will fluctuate correspondingly over time.


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Things You Need To Know
Things You Need To Know

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