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What to do in Bear Country, aka during a Bear Run or Bear Market

In this post, I will take a look at some of the things I am doing while we travel in Bear Country. Or as some also like to call it a Bear Run or a Bear Market. The first thing that might be obvious to most people. It is still worth repeating. As the opposite is ingrained in us as a herd animal. And that is to NOT panic sell. This is probably the biggest cause of people losing money. They see the price starts to drop as we enter into Bear Country, aka the Bear Run starts. Instead what you should look to do is buy new positions. This is a buyers' market.

To summarize, the first thing I do is not to panic sell any of my holdings. Instead, I take this opportunity to look around at Bitcoin and all the Altcoins that are in a Bear Run. I try and look for opportunities to buy new positions. This is one of, if not the, founding principles. Buy cheap and sell high.

Keep an eye on Bitcoin while in Bear Country

I like to keep a close eye on Bitcoin. I do this because Bitcoin is by far the biggest cryptocurrency. So when visiting Bear Country I always try and keep an eye on Bitcoin, because when it starts to move the other Altcoins will most likely follow. And I have talked about my predictions regarding Bitcoins likely drop in previous posts, you can read about that here and here. So when I see Bitcoin start to reach what I believe is the bottom. This means it is time to start firming up my positions. Because the Bull is probably coming out to play soon.

Use the time wisely in Bear Country, you never know how long you are staying

Another thing I like to do is use this time to read up on projects that are about to launch. It is also a good time to read up on projects you might have missed, that have been making waves in the crypto sea. Or you can also look further into projects you find interesting, that perhaps you did not have enough time to research properly.


This will allow you to hopefully make the best investments possible. Because as we all know while we are on holiday in Bear Country it is a shopping holiday. So try and find those gems at the Bear Market. The things you believe will be nice to keep around after the Bear Run ends and the Bull run starts again. 

Cryptosocial platforms

Another thing I like to do while in Bear Country is spend this time interacting with the community on Cryptosocial platforms. By this I mean I both read and comment on posts, as well as write them. Two platforms I currently use are this one, Publish0x obviously. But you can also find me over at Loop, here. And if you would like to join the Loop community, I would very much appreciate it if you would consider using my referral link:

In the future, I will also try and spread my wings and incorporate more of the Cryptosocial platforms. But for now, these are the two major once I use.

Bear Country Staking

One thing you can look to do while in Bear Country is to stake your tokens. This means looking them up for a set time. This allows you to get a decent APY. But what makes this a ok thing to do, while the prices are low in a Bear Market. Is that the APY pays, in most cases, in the same token as you have staked. this means you will be able to amass the same amount of tokens no matter if the token cost is $100 or $1. You still get the same amount of new tokens. 

While prices are low in the Bear Market, you could get a lot of tokens. Stake them and then have loads more tokens to flip during the Bull Run. Or just a loads more token for you to use in whatever way you like.

And similarly, you can use Yield Farming during the Gear Market to get loads more tokens while they are cheap. If you plan on doing this I would look into pairing up with a Stablecoin, just to mitigate some of the Bear Run that might still be coming our way. 

I hope you have found this post informative, or at the very least entertaining. And before I forget. This is not financial advice, it is nearly what I am looking to do while we are in Bear Country waiting for the Bulls to come out and play. If you liked this post please consider giving me a follow or reading some of my other posts. Or why not do both. =) You can find my other posts in my two blogs here and here. And I have just today started a new series of posts called My Journey to Financial Freedom, you can find the first post here.


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