Logan Paul, reform man or still same old d-bag, and what about CryptoZoo?

Logan Paul, reform man or still same old d-bag, and what about CryptoZoo?

As the saying goes a tiger can not change its stripes. And then there is the story about the scorpion and the frog. And probably many more similar stories, sayings, or anecdotes. But do they hold true for Logan Paul as well? Let us take a look.

CryptoZoo, the scam that keeps on taking

If you are familiar with either scams or Logan Paul the odds of you having heard about CryptoZoo are fairly good. There have been many fingers pointed at more or less everyone involved with this project as the party responsible for it never coming to fruition. Well everyone but one, Logan Paul himself. And who is it doing all the pointing, well that's Logan Paul as well. And as the saying goes, he who smelt it dealt it.

But what happened to the promises Logan Paul made to pay back the people? Well, it looks like there is a very big asterisk attached to it. First of all, I highly doubt he would have paid anyone anything unless there was something that benefitted him from it. And he has offered to buy back the NFTs people bought, but only for a limited period of time. And as if that was not bad enough, he neglected the people who bought his scam crypto the Zootokens. In order for you to get paid you will have to sign an agreement to not sue him over the whole scam thing.

If you ask me, if he simply would have paid back the people who got scammed we would instead be singing his praise instead of calling him a human shitstain. And given his track record of scams it would also indicate a new page and something he in the future could point to and say "I don't do that shit anymore, I have changed". Instead, we get this, whatever you want to call the crap. 

Oh and by the way, ZryptoZoo, the game, is not going to happen either with 99.99999% certainty. Why you might ask, well the cynic in me would say that Logan Paul promised to make the game happen is why it's not happening. The truth is most likely he does not give a sh*t about the people he scammed or how they were affected. Most likely because there is only one person in Logan Paul's life that matters, and yes you guessed it. It's he himself. 

If you want to get a more detailed breakdown of the refund crap Coffeezilla has a video that covers it in much more detail than I have. He also has several other videos about Logan Paul and his numerous scams. In case you wanted to know what he is a sh*it stain and humanity would be better off without him.

I do hope you stay safe and as a rule of thumb, if Logan Paul is associated with something, crypto-related or otherwise, it is most likely a scam so stay as far away as you can. I would also love to hear your two cents on this whole Logan Paul situation. The comment section is all yours.

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