KuCoin logo, text saying KuCoin has problem paying out daily bonus to users

KuCoin is having problems paying out the daily rewards to its users

If you are like me and have a few KuCoin on the platform to take advantage of the daily bonus. You might have noticed that you have not gotten any bonus.

KuCoin is the latest trading platform to have problems in the bear market

If you also have KuCoins sitting either take advantage of the reduced trading fees or the daily bonuses you get. You have probably noticed that you have not gotten any bonus today or yesterday.

As I have reached out to them to try and get a picture of what is causing the problem non of the people I talked with seemed to be able to tell me what is causing the issue. 

They then went on to say it surely was a minor problem and will be easily fixed. Wich made me think it actually was the opposite. How minor can it be if it takes over 2 days to fix? Well sure it can be minor and unimportant, but it is something that a lot of users potentially will notice. I would consider it as a very important problem to fix as soon as possible. Things like that can easily lead to a bad reputation and customers potentially leaving the platform.

I thought it at least worthy of a shorter post to let you know of the issue in case you have come across it.

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