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How not to, and how to use Publish0x as a writer

I have to confess, I am probably one of the worst users in the Publish0x community. But I might mean that in a different way than you think. It has nothing to do with being, unfriendly or rude in the comment section. Or not being helpful, things I try and be as much as I can. Friendly, nice and helpful that is. I also try and share what I learn here in an attempt to try and better the community. So in what way did I then mean, I was a bad user? I will get to that if you bare with me.

How do I use Publish0x

First of I try and write my share of articles and posts here in the community. And at least for now I probably have a higher output than most. But there are some reasons for that that I will get into in future posts. So if you do not want to miss that please follow me. =) I have actually upped my daily limit twice, the first time to allow for three posts per day. And the second time to allow me a whopping 5 posts each day. I thought that would leave me in the clear for the time being at least. In case you are unaware, the standard daily limit is 2 posts per day.

By the way, if you also want to increase this limit you can email the support team, they are super nice and helpful, and they will sort you out.

What I meant by me being a bad user, finally your probably sighing. The thing is I tend to use things the way I think they should be used. And what I meant by that is not that I am assertive in my opinion of how a thing should be used. I mean I use a thing how I intuitively perceive it to work. So here on Publis0x, I saw no way t get notifications from authors I followed. So one of the things I did, in the beginning, was I in turn followed everyone that followed me. 

But, but, what about the bell thingy. You're probably saying right now. Well yes. I just recently learned about that one. And voila there were the notifications I was missing this whole time. So the culprit here was me and my perceived notions of how a thing would work. I saw no notification button and got no notification emails. Ergo there were no notifications. =/

Let that be a valuable lesson to you. As the saying goes; do not assume, because it makes an ass out of u and me. It is probably one of my all-time favorite sayings, at least in English once. It is just too bad I don't hed its advice myself. I also look forward to discovering a myriad of other features on the site, that are apparent to most that I probably have missed as well.

Followers, worth their wight in gold

This then leads me to an observation, and yet another assumption from me. =) I had the perceived notion that the number of followers correlated to how much of a "push" Publish0x gave the new posts from an author. Even if I was not that super far of, it literally has nothing to do with that. But what it has to do with is the nice bell on the top of your screen on the Publish0x site. It does light up for all your followers every time you post a new article. 

So in a sense, the more followers you have, the more of an initial push your article will get. The fundamental difference just being it is actually your followers that are doing the pushing and not Publish0x. As I initially thought.

So take care of your followers, and treasure them for they truly are your way to success here on Publish0x.

With that, I will leave you for today. I know it was not as meaty of a post as usual. But sometimes the smallest gold nugget can make the biggest difference. And with that, I will bid you adieu. Oh, I almost forgot, I am at a massive 97 followers, so I want to say a massive thank you for following me and seeing something in either me or my writing, thank you!

Please share your thoughts and experience regarding followers and Publish0x in general. And if you want me to share something in particular, or look into it, share that as well. I hope you have found this little post entertaining and at least somewhat informative. 

Please consider following me, reading some of my other posts or why not do both. You can find them here and here. There are several other posts on topics relating to writing here on Publish0x as well.

I have also just started a new series of weekly posts, that will go live every Friday. You can catch the first step here:

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See you on the interwebs!




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