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Blockchain games, crypto games or what ever you want to call them. They have not always been the the best at the game part. There have been some who have had some gaming elements. Games like Axie Infinity and its many clones.  And my favorite one RollerCoin.  But most have of them have more been dressed up and gamified spreadsheets. Leaning more into the gamification part of. Rather then the actual gaming. And why am I talking about this you might ask yourself? Bonus points to you for asking yourself this. =)

I have recently stumbled across a new blockchain game called Eleia.  And by the looks of their teaser video the game has some real potential as well. The game takes place in the fantasy world of the Terra's metaverse. More precisely on the continent of Eleia. These lands are very rick in loads of different minerals. So people have come here from far to settle and try and earn their share. This later let to the formation of guilds. Where each guild specialized in one type of minerals. This also lead to the guilds establishing certain niches in the world as well. 

You take on the role of an adventurer, joining one of the guilds trying to try and find and gather the riches of the vast continent of Eleia. During your stay in Eleia you can chose to battle other players in their PVP game mode. Or you can complete quests to earn rewards. Some quests will even take you into the many Dungeons. After completing the quests you can learn new skills and ultimately unlock new NFT weapons as well. You can also use their EGC token to buy land in Eleia as well as weapons for your adventurer. And by the looks of things we will need those weapons. 


When can we start playing and the game as well as take part of that sweet play 2 earn mechanism? Well currently the project is at its 0,5 stage according to their roadmap. So this means the project has yet to launce, sadly. But on the upside. As the games tokens has yet to launch, this means that there is time and ample opportunity to join the project in its early days. As a matter of fact, they are holding a competition where you can win a whitelist place. This whitelist place will then grant you access to one of the currently three presales. There you will be able to buy the token at a discount, compared to the price on the public launch.

So how can you take part in this competition. Well all you have to do is go to this link:


There you will have several different steps to follow. Each earning you entries for the final drawing. Best of luck. And I hope to see you at the whitelist presale, well if I am able to win that is. Wish me luck.

If you want to look at the projects roadmap, or find additional information about the project. You can head on over to the main page of the project. 



I hope you have found this article informative or at least entertaining. You will find several more like it in my blogs. And you can find my blogs here and here.


See you on the interwebs!

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