Having a really bad day on the dark side of a CEX - My negative experiences with KuCoin

By Chrokj | Things I came across | 21 Apr 2021

Although there were always critics regarding the usage of KuCoin, I have been very positive about the use of KuCoin both on Publish0x as for private trading actions.

Those times are gone... unfortunately! :/

I consider posting my very own customer experience here appropriate as it is all about Crypto depositing and how you can end up using centralized exchanges.

Don‘t get me wrong, I successfully used withdraw to KuCoin. Especially for the bonus given at the time. But nevertheless it worked. 
But as a result of this read you could come to the conclusion that you should be more cautious when it comes to personal deposits/withdrawals of crypto on centralized exchanges.

My story started with KuCoin losing (not depositing) one of three deposits I made on a single day. All three deposits are visible in explorer and on chain. All three deposits targeted the same address and had the same MEMO (necessary for WAXP deposits).

I contacted Customer Service several times, starting on Friday. Nothing happened so far, only asked me if my issue was resolved by giving links to FAQs and confirming that they received my email. In this confirmations I was asked if my issue was resolved by giving me links to FAQs. Otherwise I would have to become active. (What is that?! Never had anything like this.)

Now I got active again and tried to contact support by Online Chat. Been in line on KuCoin Online Chat queue for about half an hour, eagerly waiting. Held the Chat tab open all the time. After it was my turn in line: service agent closed chat within 3 seconds, claiming I was not able to answer. In case this did not solve my issue I could queue in line again. (Second: What is that?! Unfortunately met this practice not for the first time.)

And now the cherry on a bad day (thanks KuCoin): I saw that a second deposit of NANO is missing in my account, as well...

Thinking about contacting my customer service agent... ... ...

Lessons learned: Hear on the advocates of decentralization. Meanwhile I hope I get my deposits credited... if no customer agent closed my tickets 

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Things I came across
Things I came across

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