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By Brando_28 | Greener Candles | 2 Dec 2023


Greetings, fellow blockchain gamers and degens!

One of the biggest narratives of the upcoming bull market should be GameFi if you believe all those influencers on X (and why shouldn’t you? 😅). Of course, there have been talks and anticipation around the play-to-earn sector before but it was brutally cut short by the crypto winter before it even truly began.

As the next bull market is now getting closer, I feel the timing for play2earn to boom will be much better this time. Interestingly enough, I am currently doing some research for another project on GameFi so I thought why not share some of these findings in my blog as well?

So, I’ve decided to start publishing this kind of weekly piece of text covering games, platforms, chains, etc. I plan to bring you the latest releases, the upcoming games, and of course, those potentially rewarding tokens.

This week I have picked three promising games to share with so let’s take a look!



This first one is a hex strategy game made by Bazooka Tango and I’m feeling more than bullish about it. Even after just a few short clips I watched I immediately got a good feeling of Shardbound and felt this could perhaps be one of those games bringing traditional gamers closer to blockchain gaming — safely and smoothly, of course.

With blockchain games, I’m quite used to waiting for a playable version of the game and for some long periods too. Fortunately, seems like this is not going to be the case with Shardbound since just yesterday I received an email from the Shardbound team letting me know that the game will be available for public beta later this year!

For those who just can’t wait, there’s an option to apply for alpha testing on Discord.

Here’s a short clip where developers share some history, plans and hopes. There’s also some of that pretty awesome-looking in-game footage included!

Shardbound runs on the Immutable chain and in the video, there were a couple of mentions about web3 and the full ownership of your cards. However, I haven’t come across mentions of any token releases yet. Perhaps this is the reason why Shardbound is often missing on many GameFi influencers lists. Still, token or no token, Shardbound is definitely on my radar.

If you are interested in the game, you can pre-register on their official site and secure a playable NFT which will be claimable once the beta phase starts.



Another game I am keeping an eye out for. Built in Unreal 5, Decimated promises to be a post-apocalyptic survival game with elements of cyberpunk.

Decimated came to my attention when I first discovered their native token $DIO on the Solana ecosystem and even though the $DIO price has been declining for the past few days, I still feel bullish about it.

By looking at the market cap which is just ~$21 million, I think it’s safe to say there’s still plenty of room to grow and in my books, it falls in the low market cap category.

Here is a good review of the game including game footage and token analysis:

What intrigues me in a game like Decimated or in $DIO token, is the fact there is, or is going to be, an actual product — the game. It’s not like some purely speculative meme tokens with no use case whatsoever. If a P2E game like Decimated goes viral in the traditional gaming scene, it could ignite the hype around $DIO to a whole new level.


Bonus Game: Rise of the Pixels

This upcoming browser game on Hive just recently caught my eye and I must say I love the idea which revolves around the nerdy world of game development!

In this Hive-powered browser game, you take the reins of a burgeoning game studio. You must recruit and nurture a team, equip them properly, build your reputation, and secure a steady stream of $PXL income to continue to grow.

You can read more about the Rise of the Pixels in this article which has some pretty awesome ideas such as the game starting in the ’80s with that era gear and then moving on to cover other eras in card/pack new editions. I just love it.

Also, in today’s world of ICOs, the Rise of the Pixels approach to token distribution feels somewhat fresh:

There will be no pre-sale or token distribution before the game launch

Instead, the only way to earn $PXL tokens is as game rewards. Now this is p2e in its purest form!

If the waiting time for Shardbound isn’t that long, it’s even shorter with Rise of the Pixels as the pack sale is starting as early as next week which will be shortly followed by the beta testing phase.


My GameFi Bag Update

Lastly, I have to introduce to you one more idea for this blog:

Since I promised this is going to be weekly publishing, I thought it could be interesting to keep following these game tokens and their price development in each post. So, to feed my FOMO, I will be buying a small number of tokens of the particular games I’m covering and will be updating the prices at the end of these articles.

Since the other games haven’t released assets (yet) it’s just $DIO I’m buying this week:

  • 117 $DIO bought at $0.053561 — $6.25

Be sure to follow (or let me know if you can be tagged) to find out whether we are on red or green!



In my opinion, there are many reasons to feel bullish about blockchain games. During the previous bull market, the P2E games lacked playability and were more focused on DeFi aspects while today’s games seem to be putting the actual gameplay first. Also, the graphics and the overall impressions are getting closer and closer to traditional games.

This will be crucial in attracting the vast masses of gamers playing conventional video and PC games. They will not come to the space for crypto, or web3, they come if the game is good.

I’ve noticed some developers using a strategy of not putting the words ‘blockchain game’, ‘crypto’ and ‘NFT’ out there in capital letters but instead being more subtle about it. This could prove to be a smart move as the big capital is in the traditional gaming sector and from what I can tell, those gamers are terrified of anything crypto.

Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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