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How to use Cointiply faucet

By Brando_28 | thin ice | 16 May 2020



Here is a quick guide to Cointiply crypto faucet and some of it's best functions and ways to earn you more coins.

On the top right corner you'll see your earnings displayed in Coins/USD/BTC. Once you get things started you are also going to earn CointiPoints but more of that and what you can do with them later.



By rolling 1 - 99,998 you can get 10 to 110 coins from the faucet. 99,999 gives you the jackpot.

Prime numbers pay extra and your loyality bonus is also added.



The highest paying activity in Cointiply, no doubt. 

Doing surveys requires a little bit of patience because some of them re-route you through different qualifications sites and can be annoying and long. Also take your time - they might kick you out of if your answers are too random.

Here's a couple of my favourite survey sites:

  • Pollfish -  relatively short but still pays good
  • Theorem reach - pays you a little amount even if you don't qualify
  • Survey time - ok surveys and you sometimes get 1$ extra from some surveys(via PayPal f.e.)

These three have been good to me but the amount of available surveys depends on the country you are living in, so you should try out all them to find out which ones are for you!



Click the ads to earn coins. 

Usually it's something like 7-10 coins/ad, but on top the list there can be few ranging from 20 to 40 coins which is much more than other faucet sites pay you for doing this. For me the whole pot has been about 150-200 coins and it takes about 10 minutes to click them through.



Cointiply also pays for chatting!

Really simple. Couple of nice comments should be enough to qualify for the rain pool. Once the little red dot turns to green you are in and can go doing something else. Note that you can increase your share quite a bit by completing a survey before chatting. You get paid when the raindrop fills up.




Once you have reached the amount of 35,000 coins you can start earning interest on your balance. Interest is 5% annually and is paid to your account weekly.

Go to dashboard -> your settings and turn on the interest switch. 




So when you have earned enough Coins, you have also earned Cointipoints. Go check it out by opening your Cointivity profile.


You can use your Cointipoints to buy pods. These pods cointain items which you can use to increase your earnings. Most of them are consumable and have different boost percentage and duration. If you are lucky you get an item with unlimited duration. This really helps to boost your daily earnings!


There is also collections of items. By collecting them all you'll get an extra item reward. And if you wish, you can sell the items for coins.



Another way to make some extra. Follow Cointiply on Twitter and about once a week you get a promo code.



And of course there is a referral program. You will get 25% for every faucet claim your referrals make and 10 % of their offer wall earnigs.


Other stuff

You can also earn by watching videos(in some countries), play the multiplying game, complete offers and more.


So I hope you found some of this stuff helpful!

And if you never heard of Cointiply, here's my referral link:

Give it a try!

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