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By Newsome90 | Networking | 9 Sep 2020

The coin app is a geoming app which is kind of cool if you think about it because you phone gives off data and/or being tracked everyday why not get paid for it.fbb5e1eabb4988b53129435ef94ba2512dcaf4c194e16a85332196a39ce1ff3a.png

The basic run down on the app 

You can collect coin while the app is open

When you move to a new tile you can mine that block and gain coin

You can collect coin while the app is closed the amount collected depends on your status

Once you collect 10;000 coin you can buy xyo tokens 332aeab0804cd2d06560832ae6b97b6b7f863298cbca3d4255210835d2477881.png

Or if you want Bitcoin there is that option too.


If you go the xyo route you can Hodl your xyo and get a percentage of your xyo staking àmount plus your coin amount each day. U just have to verify a xyo account I went with metamask but there are others.

You can also gain badges for mining tiles in random patterns. 

The app is free but you can also buy into I'm running the basic set up I'm not too big Into monthly payments.


You can also buy there little device that help you mine x12

Use the refferal code below and get yourfirst 1000 coins 3d6d969bb9f5a1f01204adefd195aab30391ef714128367d32b23cb5a7e29acf.png


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We people download these crypto apps one of the main questions you will ask... “ does it actually let you withdraw? “ I found a few that pay out I use if you come across some legitimate ones let me know.

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