B2g updates: solve market issues

By 0xPironatof | thewolf | 8 May 2019

Yesterday B2G have announced a new release witch solve a very strange market condition (reported in the past article that I wrote) introducting a new functionality in their website: the exchange functionality.

(My phone Screenshot) 


This is the link : https://bitcoiin.com/en/exchange

You can use b2g site for buy and sell your b2g directly, using this interface :

(my phone screenshot)


As you can see in the screenshot, the deal process is very simple.

Ig.. Do you want to sell?

Just put the amount of B2g, your Btc address, your B2g address and your email.

Wait for confirmation, go to your wallet and make a transaction to the address reported in the page (our address). Store the TX ID and just wait.

At the time I'm writing this article, I'm trying this functionality, so I ll report if everything is OK. 


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