The Opportunity to limitless and borderless trade in CFD with crypto



The advent of blockchain has opened the doors to financial freedom for a lot of people.
Further it has created a new market segment where one can trade a number of asset classes using conventional as well as unconventional financial instruments.

The CFD trading opportunity

The term CFD means contracts for differences. These are considered as speculative tools used to speculate on assets like stocks, forex, indices and commodities markets.

The way to trade a CFD with

As CFD is a speculative tool it allows a trade to make a call so that when you trade a CFD you are agreeing to exchange an assets price difference between two points
The starting point being when a contract is opened to the point the contract is closed.
A trader needs to take a call if the asset would go up or down and take a call accordingly.
The profit or loss is made based on the accuracy of the prediction.

CFD is highly speculative tool

So it can give you a lot of gains if played right

Centralized Vs Decentralized

Centralized exchanges need a lot of documentation and follow a lot of verification processes before they may allow a customer to participate in investing or speculating the market.

From the time a person deposits an asset to trade to the time he withdraws it the exchange is holding the assets in its custody.

If for any reason the exchange were to be hacked and its assets robbed or looted the loss is that of the end user.
The centralized exchange would have limited liability. This has been proved time and again with practically all Exchange hacks.

If this risk was not bad enough the centralized exchanged are geo specific and are licensed to operate in only certain geo locations so all this risk you take gives you the opportunity to earn in only limited territories.

Decentralized exchanges give you more flexibility with your money and crypto and ideally do not believe in 3rd party intervention to control your money.

They would not bother to have your KYC or identity disclosed
You can trade in any asset class the decentralized exchange supports and trade with anyone from around the world.

The opportunity to trade CFD via the DEFI Exchange is emerging here DEFI exchange is a decentralized Exchange trading in CFD market with BTC, ETH, USDT as methods of payment and ability to trade in Cryptocurrency, Stock, SP500, US30

In terms of core values the DEFI CFD exchange wants to deliver the following features to those who wish to choose its features include
-Safety of funds for all users

  • Smart Contract for efficient execution of trustless trades
  • Privacy of users would be maintained
  • Support : A responsive support team would help resolve any issues.
  • Demo Account : A demo account would help a user to practice trade
  • Payment: Easy withdrawal system would ensure fast and easy withdrawal
  • Speed All transactions would be carried out fast and efficiently
  • Good Income opportunity : For those who want to use the CFD trading opportunity this is a good opportunity.

A few things to remember before you trade

  • A user can trade both short and long. For example if a user feels that the a particular stock e.g. google is going to increase in price he can buy its CFD and go long and similarly if he feels it would go down then sell CFD's and go short. Thus these trades can be carried out both ways.
  • Leverage Trade: Suppose you want to buy 200 shares of google so one can use 5% of own money to make the trade.
    This way one can play with more amount of investment. However an investor must note that if the profit made on the 200 share would be his the same would be the case with the loss.
    So the leveraging option could go against you and wipe out your capital if the trade goes against you.

For more info about DEFItrade

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Please do your own due diligence and research before making an investment.
The purpose of this post is for education purpose only. It is not financial advice.


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