trooVRS the first metaverse partner for Theta Metachain

trooVRS the first metaverse partner for Theta Metachain


Who is trooVRS? - an immersive media platform for men to engage with practical knowledge and self-care-focused content across virtual editorial environments, experiences, and NFTs.  Does this mean they are automatically ignoring 50% of the market? Appears that way.

trooVRS launched Editorial Platform in June '22 built for Metaverse -

Goals of trooVRS? Through the use of VR, Web3, and blockchain technology, trooVRS goal is to reinvigorate and transform the world of men’s editorial and share a new way to experience content in the metaverse.

Who is leading trooVRS? CEO Adrian Whant

What skills does he bring to this partnership? as a digital media and advertising veteran who held leadership positions at companies such as NBCUniversal, ABS-CBN, and Univision.

What is Andrian's vision for Theta partnership? to offer exclusive real and virtual goods and services including NFTs on Theta blockchain. 


Home URL

LinkedIn URL -

Theta Metachain (AKA Theta Mainnet 4.0) is due to be released in 4Q22

Summary - trooVRS is another Media and Entertainment partner adopting Theta blockchain, not sure ignoring 50% of any market is smart for day 1. Perhaps I am the one being myopic at this stage of the metaverse.


Disclaimer - I am not an employee nor an agent of Theta network, nor trooVRS, although it sounds super exciting!

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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

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Theta Network basics in bite size pieces
Theta Network basics in bite size pieces

Theta a Next Generation Video delivery network that leverages the power of peer-peer network bandwidth sharing. You participate and help the network scale and increase security by sharing a % of your Internet bandwidth.

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