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What is Theta.TV?

It is a no cost gaming platform, yes it hard to believe but it is free to use, however, no purchase or purchases are required. Theta.TV was put together by Sliver where you can watch people playing games or play them yourself. You can earn TFuel with these two activities too.  You can also send TFuel to you Theta.TV account, know that once you send TFuel is sent to your Theta.TV account you can not remove it from that Wallet. Think of it in this manner, it stays with this platform so only send what you can afford to get locked up.   You can spend TFUEL in the Store...

What else can you do on Theta.TV?

You can watch NASA Videos, you can watch Fail Army (which recently joined Theta.TV too). You can watch WPT (World Poker Tour) too. Sliver has positioned itself as one of the premier esports platform and you can also watch MGM movies when they are made available.  

Content Creators will be interested in getting a Live Stream Key to publish your own content on Theta.TV. Content creators also leverage INCENT & Discord so you might evaluate those tools too.  Most of the content publishers I watch and follow have scripted bots to respond to chat entries and some have gone as far as to have animations when the get a new follower.  Most if not all of them have give-aways (i.e. small prizes to spend your tokens on).   It's not uncommon for content creators and gamers to offer followers and those that stop by the chance to win prizes. Some are small stuffed toys while those that are sponsored seem to give away GFuel tumblers and starter kits.

Go to and create you an account and get started playing and earning!


Enjoy the Journey!

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Keith Thuerk
Keith Thuerk

Currently learning about Crypto's and DeFi to combat the Inflationary Tidal wave coming our way!

Theta Network basics in bite size pieces
Theta Network basics in bite size pieces

Theta a Next Generation Video delivery network that leverages the power of peer-peer network bandwidth sharing. You participate and help the network scale and increase security by sharing a % of your Internet bandwidth.

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